Tuesday, March 8, 2011

angry birds

I maaaaay need an intervention. I can admit, I have an addiction. (I mean I am making a post about the damn thing which we all can comment how infrequent my posts are). I seriously can not stop playing angry birds.

Yes, I know.... and sadly, I am serious (well not sadly, I love the freaking game). I just got an iPad and it is one of the only apps (USA Today & Netflix) that I have downloaded because I didn't know when I bought it that 11 days later I could get an iPad2 (gotta love it how Apple sticks it to their consumers). Needless to say , I am debating the return because I am kicking some major pig ass and flying (no pun intended) through the levels and don't want to start from the beginning again!

I have no shame and it's great because it really is mindless entertainment. Who would of thought? The game is genius. And I am pretty sure our culture is just as amused by the game because they talk about it everywhere! Play and believe me, you'll get hooked too! 

(I thought this was cute, he too has a angry bird of choice...) It's a site I like to follow and he always has funny/witty things to say about technology)

I probably should of left this post for my Friday confessional. ;) 

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