Thursday, April 21, 2011

help, support & accountability

Blog world... I need your assistance. I know we just met and it's selfish of me to ask, but I need you to help me out...if you will just a little!! :)

I need you to hold me accountable to a few things :

running. I mean actually running. :) 
...As I previously blogged about (I think) I am going to run the half in Dec in Las Vegas (woohoo) and I really need to not put off "because it's 8 months away" and I have pleeenty of time (I can hear myself already). A slacker? No, procrastinator at times? Yes!

So do what you must! Tell me I suck. Tell me to grow some ladyballs (a new fav I am totally stealing from IA) Blog-harass me. Whatever! Send me bribes! or be nice and tell me how amazing I am diong (com'on I may need some positive reinforcement!

* not eating every bit of crap insight.
...I for some reason think it's okay to eat whole canisters of salt 'n vinegar pringles (don't judge me! judge me, it'll give me motivation!!). I also have a weakness for popcorn thanks to this :
heaven, go get yours at Crate & Barrel 
I am sure I will have moments of weakness & will need to find that inner will power! I am soo super pumped to challenge myself to running a half marathon! (holy 13.1 miles!) but I know I can do it. It is part state of mind (and preparation!) And if I know that I have people who are relying on me (back to this whole accountability thing, I have a horrible fear of letting people down) I will be even more encouraged to train hard! :) 

So, it's kind of like we're in this together..... Ya? :) Except I'll be doing the training and the running and you can say, when I post pictures from the race... "hey I told you to not eat that whole tub of Breyer's cookies n' cream ice cream or to put down the pringles and encouraged you to run rather than sitting on your ass and watching DWTS and Grey's (I don't have cable, these are my options!) and you finish.. Yay us!!"

Or you could always make a weekend trip to Vegas (hello, it's Vegas, do you reeeally need a marathon to bring you there?) and cheer me (us) on! :)  
tempting huh
Your choice, just throwing it out there... :)

Anyways, hope you're up for the challenge and I would truly LOVE your help, support and accountability

And any tips are moooore than welcome, heck encouraged, please!



Melissa said...

How fun to run a half in VEGAS! I wish I could run a half I've only ever done a 5K...BUT I do love to run...I will give you daily emails/ comments/ or hell even texts if you do the same for me!!! I used to be a good little runner/ yoga doer and haven't worked out in WEEKS :( Support system is much needed.

Megan said...

I'll be happy to give you encouragement/a swift kick in the rear whenever needed. :) I'm devoting this summer to getting in shape as well, so I definitely understand the importance of having a great support system. You can do this!

Holly said...

Yum. I love Pringles and popcorn too. I don't think I should comment on your blog anymore - I might be enabling you instead! :P