Sunday, July 10, 2011

hip hop hipstamatic

I am obsessing over the hipstamatic app for my iPhone. I have even debated paying $0.99 for the 'how-to guide'. 

Well today I take you for a little tour. 

breakfast with hipstamatic: --and my new favorite cereal. Which by the way I could totally eat for every meal. Try it, it's delicious*

Lunch with hipstamatic : broiled tilapia (my apt living version of a grill) on a spinach salad + tomatoes/cucumbers + goat cheese + sunflower kernels + ken's lite balsamic dressing. yum* 

(And yes-- I just posted pictures of what I ate today. ha.)
Lola had her fair share of posing... 

I really want a Holga camera. (hint hint). The app is kinda* the ghetto version of that. 

Just thought I'd share with everyone my new little obsession :)

Oh and the water heater burst saturday on the 4th floor (I live on the 2nd). awe.some. 

Word out. 

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Hollie Ann said...

camera bag is awesome too!