Thursday, August 18, 2011

afternoon naps

This morning was a taaaad bit harder to get out of bed.. .

We had friends over for dinner. I made some yummy chicken and James' favorite -- bread salad (homemade croutons + tomatoes + fresh mozzarella + basil, tossed in oil/vinegar + salt/pepper)

After dinner we moved our laughs & conversations to the living room and the next thing we know -- it's 11p and our lips and teeth are purple. 

love evenings with friends!! and I may be taking an afternoon nap ;)
Lola agrees
oxx + afternoon zzz's 


Little Missy Me said...

bread salad and red wine sounds like an awesome combo, and a great excuse to stay in bed.

Miss V said...

Exactly how I intend to spend tomorrow night and Sat. Sounds lovely! I sent you an e-mail hopefully to the right place about catching up next week! Hope it works! xo

UpperBottom said...

first time visitor here... not the greatest post to read on a monday morning, i gotta say. i'm super jealous of that puppy and i just wanna nap : (

yay monday.