Monday, February 27, 2012


this weekend was jam packed full of activities!  (and my blog title is lacking creativity)

saturday morning was spent at the park with lola and while I didn't get to officially start reading 'the hunger games' -- I haven't heard of anyone who didn't enjoy the book (series).  I can't wait to dive it-- I think it'll be my nightly pleasure! (the movie comes out in march and I want to get it finished before then)

saturday afternoon was spent with my girlfriends- we grabbed some lunch at 'the grove' and walked around criss field-- which is one of my fav spots in SF (and one of my faaav photos of the golden gate bridge) hello gorgeous views.
honestly-- we took a picture but it was sooo* windy that our hair was flying all over the place and well- you'll just have to trust me- it wasn't that* cute. (even though we are--ha!)

saturday evening another friend of mine & myself grabbed some dinner (holy small portions and big prices) in berkeley and went to see 'this means war' -actually pretty decently funny!
*have to mention-- reese looked ah-mazing in the movie! and chris pine's noggin is strangely big. 

sunday James and I did the costco thing and I don't know why-- but I'm always surprised at how many people are there at one given time and how absolutely oblivious people are of their surroundings.

later in the afternoon, our friends were having an oscar's party and it was so great to finally see some faces I haven't seen in a while! we didn't really watch the red carpet-- but from what I DID see I thought it was a little underwhelming. rachel zoe-- step up your game. 

and that's pretty much it. It was fun filled and I got to see lots of my friends pretty faces and made some new ones. did you go to any fun oscar-themed parties????

oh yea-- we started P90X and I am incredibly sore. seriously. muscles I didn't even know I had are hurting (bring on the hurt!) tonight is yoga. 90 minutes of yoga. 
have any ofyou ever done p90x-- likes/dislikes/thoughts?????

oxx & ouchies


Young and Fabulous said...

NEW BLOG DESIGN!!?? <3 <3 love it

i need to read hunger right this minute. Especially because i cant wait to see the movie

costco is like my sanctuary. By sanctuary i mean i love going there to get the food samples hahah

please let me know how p90x goes!! dying to know!


MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

I just read Hunger Games a few weeks ago. I loved them :)

Sounds like a great weekend. I agree with you that the Oscar gowns were not as exciting as usual, pretty, but nothing WOW!

Holly said...

Hahaha I know what you mean about taking photos with your hair flying crazily everywhere! I do that sometimes too, and then I end up blogging them anyway because they amuse me! :P

Ashley said...

LOVE The Hunger Games! I am actually re-reading them now!! I can't wait for the movie to come out!