Thursday, July 5, 2012

stating the obvious

sun burn hurts.
it especially hurts when it's on your forehead, nose and lips.

it is also....
a great conversation starter.
(especially when your forehead, nose & lips are peeling)

go ahead, stare at my face.
yes my face is peeling.
sunburn? oh yes.
yes. I realize my face is sunburnt.
yes. I put on sunscreen.
it was SPF 30.
no. I did not reapply.
I know. I hope it doesn't scar too. (it's my face!)
nope didn't put makeup on it.

I love these conversations.

and yes, I went to hawaii, was in the sun alllll day and did not burn.
I spend the afternoon with friends next to the water? yep. I burn.

oh and the sunglass 'tan lines' are awesome too.

no. no pictures.

oxx & wear AND reapply your sunscreen!


B said...

haha we have all been there. once i burned my scalp and then when it peeled it looked like i had a dandruff problem!!

Hilary Lane said...

I never burned in Hawaii either - so weird!