Tuesday, July 24, 2012

what I've been up to lately

wedding planning :
which has taken over my life. I could seriously get lost in the process and understand how & why brides become bridezillas (and blogs become so wedding obsessed)

if you follow me on pinterest, you'll see my obsession with all* things wedding.
which makes me that* much more excited to head back to Ohio next month!
I'll get to tour the venue and button up some vendor choices.
(NE ohio blog friends-- please feel free to share any/all recommendations for all things wedding!) 

camping :
in a tent. yes. (with those views, who could say no..)
and honestly? I'd do it again!

upcoming & planning trips :
ohio : wedding planning & family visits
michigan : james' cousin is getting married
dallas : for the michigan vs alabama game at dallas stadium
vegas : to celebrate a friend's 30th

poshmark : 
seriously- I love this app.
here are a few things I have listed.

lola, friends & fun weekends :
adventures with lola.
friends visiting.
monday (bachelorette) nights with the girls.
hikes to beer gardens in the woods.
fireworks on the roof.

oxx & need to take the pictures off my camera


amit said...

Nice Photos and Blogs I Like It

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Holly said...

YAY for wedding planning, but ARGH at camping in a tent! No thankyou!! :O

Travesti Best said...

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