Monday, November 19, 2012

so much inspiration

like everyone else- I have a sliiiiiiiiiiiight obsession with pinterest

I've used it mostly for inspiration for our july wedding.
so I thought I'd share what I love the most and should really get my act together and make some decoration decisions! (it's just all sooooooooooo pretty!)

if you read my last post, you'll see my stamp came in (which I loooove!) and now it's just about bringing all the ideas in my head together! easier said than done... but these are two of my fav invites! I love the rustic/elegance of them... pretty sure we're going with the 'paperbag' color for the envelopes and stuck between a light grey or ivory for the invite...

the cake has pretty much been decided. sorta. we picked the flavors and while I am set with the cascading flowers and what I thought of not having a topper, I've fallen in love with this simple one...

centerpieces & decorations: I really want to get creative here! since our venue is in the middle of the forest, I want to keep that theme inside! I love the idea of wild flowers that are bulky with a mishmosh of vases and containers

I'm on the hunt of coupe champagne glasses to rent. because well? A. champagne (almond, specifically) is amazingly delicious B. you won't see stains of champagne down my dress C. coupes are just fabulous D. because I want one and it's my wedding day (oooh, so bridezilla of me!)

sneak peek of some details and because I looooooove lace ;)

this is just amazing and since we're getting married 4th of july weekend (which is also my faaav holiday!) sparklers and this are a must!


love these place cards and s'more sendoffs!


so while I may have a lot of ideas and they're really consistent I just can't make a decision... I love it all. It's all so pretty and I am constantly looking to see if I'm missing something! I need to stop. little by little I am deleting things from my pinterest, because not only do I have too many pins-I have folders on my computer, iPad and phone full of different picture inspiration. maybe I should of hired a wedding planner? ha! probably not, I'm too much of a control freak.

love & hugs,

*all photos from pinterest


Taylor said...

It is so hard pinpointing exactly what you want for a wedding!! I love all of your ideas and it looks very rustic! I love the feeling it is going to be beautiful, and you are more than allowed to be a bridezilla!! go on babe!!

Mrs. Match said...

I so wish Pinterest had been around when I got married. It's so fun, and there are millions of great ideas on there. Love the sparkler picture! That would be so beautiful.

Miss Lindsay said...

I love everything!! I can't wait to see how everything turns out. (Loved the stamp)
I am just in the initial stages...and completely overwhelmed. I'm not sure if Pinterest is helpful or just making me stress because I keep finding new things I love!!
Happy Thanksgiving