Thursday, December 13, 2012


RIP last year's Christmas present.

Last weekend I was very careless and took off my watch (I was trying to airplane nap) on our way back to San Francisco. On Monday, while getting ready for work I realized instantly that I had left it in the seat-back pocket on our Virgin flight. Of course I contacted their lost and found and I'm sad to report it is gone. 
While it isn't a super expensive watch (then I'd reeeeally be upset) it is still not something I want to spend money on right now (hello wedding/honeymoon), therefore I made a deal with myself (doesn't everyone?) that if I sell some of my things on Poshmark worth the cost of a new watch, I can buy myself a new one. Sounds fair? (Plus I have some really cute stuff I don't wear anymore!)

So... buy my stuff. So I can once again rock some arm candy



burun estetigi said...

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B said...

aw that's too bad!! :( good luck with the sale!

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