Wednesday, February 9, 2011

costa rica

hola !!
(that's about all the Spanish I know, aside from 'no hablo español')

This time next week I will be on the white sandy beaches of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It is my first time and I couldn't be more excited! HOWEVER, my excitement came with tears today...

We got notified today that our flight which was leaving a week from today (Wed, Feb 16th) was cancelled, yes.... CANCELLED. Uh, how do you cancel an international flight a week before?? Like I said, aside from Mexico (and Cananda, I went to school in Toledo, it was a regular weekend trip to Windsor) Well the normal reaction was "WTF?!?!?!?" (but completely uncensored). This trip is to celebrate James' BIG 30th and many many activities have been planned and hotels have been paid for! So the airline doesn't really give a reason as to why the flight has been cancelled (really?) and they can only put us on a flight that basically moves our trip from 8days/7nights to 5days/4nights. (I. don't. think. so.) We both have taken time off work (I just started a new job and this was a huge exception) and I was just pissed. Yes... I pouted and threw a fit.

A few hours and tears later... we got a full refund (which I knew was obvious, but of course I was still plenty upset) and re-booked a new flight. And on the plus side of this mornings fuss....we get to go a DAY EARLIER! YAY!! :)

I guess it's just funny how when something is thrown at you (me) how we (I) react. I literally was shaking I was so upset. There is a lot much more on the back side of this trip... a surprise (which I will blog about when we get back, James maaaay be reading and I don't want to ruin it!) and that's probably why I was soooo upset!!

So now the packing starts. :) We are going during 'dry season' so I am excited we shouldn't see rain (or at least too much of it) but it will be hot hot hot! (which having moved back to the east, I am thrilled for warm/hot weather!)

I've been hearing so many great things about Tamarindo and have got some great suggestions for activities/restaurants. But traveling internationally makes me super nervous! Layovers  make me nervous, 47 minute layovers make me extremely nervous! (We are checking a bag, I haven't checked a bag since they started charging!)

so I ask blog world, any suggestions/recommendations? :) all/any are welcome!!

(this is the hotel we are staying at - Hotel Tamarindo Diria)

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