Monday, February 14, 2011

packing (sorta)

exactly what I should be doing... but I'm not... and I leave in less than 7 hours (wooo hooo less than 7 hours) for Costa Rica... and well I am sitting on the couch with a computer whose battery has drained and watching the bachelor (I am rooting for Emily because she's oh-so sweet but for Michelle because she's kinda crazy and crazy sells) on my dvr.

Also! I haven't exactly felt the best the last few days and have been consuming loads and loads of medicine. Pretty sure I don't want to be on the plane with all the pressure I already feel in my head/ears. No worries I stocked up on gum (and snacks)!

I do want to vow that while in Costa Rica I plan on taking lots (and lots and lots and lots) of pictures and vow that when I get back I want to spend more time 'cleaning up' my blog. (ie: posting pictures and trying to blog daily). So hopefully the 5 followers (woo, yay! go me) will continue to read what I have to say :)

I am sooo excited to be disconnected from technology for 9 days!!!! (No email, no facebook, no cell phones. Woo!) 

'till next time......................bon voyage my friends! :)

xo -- oooooh 1 last thing, I got to wear flip flops today. It was 68 degrees!! (super pumped about warm weather)

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