Friday, February 11, 2011

friday... confessions

...I confess that I spend far too many hours reading blogs. I just recently started a new job (Jan 3rd) and I should be spending my evenings with my nose buried in the anatomy of the foot/ankle and learning surgery techniques and procedures. But when you weigh the two against each other, I'll let you distinguish what takes rank. Oops.

...I confess that because it has been so cold out that I haven't been taking Lola for very many (any) walks. It sorta goes like this: go outside, do your business, back inside. And I imagine if Lola had thumbs (and a blog) she may also confess that it's too cold out too and she's rather just get back inside.

...I confess that I have really started to enjoy sleeping in. I have always been an early riser and being up and getting things done and out of the way for the day (I am talking 7:00am, even on weekends) but sleeping and staying in my warm-oh-so-comfy bed is something I'm getting more and more used to!!

...I confess that I haven't had a paycheck since December and have found that I can live frugal and I haven't shopped or had one impulse buy since. I don't know if I am sick in the head or what, but it's seriously been a miracle.

...I confess that I used to despise American Idol and find that every Wed/Thurs I look forward to watching the show! Oh and Glee too!


Impulsive Addict said...

I confess that any friend of Aly's is a friend of mine since I'm kinda her bff (in my head).

Reading blogs is a SERIOUS addiction. It's kinda like crack or crackbook. Not that I would know that crack is addicting.

No cha-ching since December? I would be way broke.

I would love AI if they would get rid of Randy. He BUGS me.

I will be your THIRD follower!

Impulsive Addict said...

OK...well, I'll have to come back to follow you because it says there is an "error" and to come back later. Poo.

Ashley said...

Yeah I am not sure about the error, but I got both your messages.

And yes Aly is way awesome!!

Yay 3 followers, ;)