Wednesday, March 2, 2011

bad blogger (and some rants)

Shame on me...

For several reasons. Probably the first being that in 4 short (far too short) hours I have my first surgery. Well my first solo case in the OR. Ahh... I am extremely excited but have a huge weight of anxiety in my chest. AH! I always get like this whenever I have something to do to. It's just who I am. I am trying to 'yoga' myself and basically remind myself to breath... So I am taking a breather from my procedure studying to blog. I need an outlet (and isn't that partly why I started this?) 

Secondly I promised pictures. I not delivering. I am so sorry. I have some fantastic pictures from Costa Rica and I can't wait to share. I promise after this weekend (I am traveling some more) I will be a better blogger! :) hang in there followers (all 6 of you!) ;)

Onto my rants..

I have done SO much laundry in the past few days (I washed everything I took with us to CR) and I still need to clean (this is reeeeeeeeeeeeaally bothering me, I hate mess!) Friday night after coming back from Costa Rica, it was a wise decision (that is debatable) while out for a friend's birthday to decide to take an impromptu trip to NYC (I have never been, gasp... and I'll get into that in a later post too..)  and I haven't had a second to do anything!! And this weekend, as I mentioned I am heading back home...

Lastly, a friend who I grew up with UN-friended me on Facebook. I know..petty. (I mean, I want to say I don't care....but of course I do!) And I doubt she reads my blog or anyone who knows her does (which maybe it'd be great if she did or someone could tell her)'s RUDE (and actually really hurt my feelings and kinda struck a cord for me...) I want to go into the story of how it all happened but I desperately need to eat something and get my crap together for my BIG day! So yet another post another time... :)

Well blog world, wish me luck!! I just hope I don't puke from my anxiety. ha! (which may be possibility)

:) xo

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