Wednesday, March 16, 2011

catch up

Helllooooo and Happy Wednesday!!!

I have been doing pretty good with my blogging (....don't cha think??) and I wanted to catch up on somethings that have been happening and my thoughts :)

.............. The Bachelor!
This is my first season ever watching it in full. I watched during Trista/Ryan era and the big million dollar wedding! and I was soo happy to see them. I don't know because I obviously don't know them, but I am pretty sure they have an adorable relationship!! :) But back to my case and point. Emily. I have been rooting for her the entire season. (aside from the small part of me that really liked Michelle [yes crazy Michelle] and wanted her crazy ass to win, hey it's reality TV and it takes a pretty 'special' person to broadcast their life via TV) BUT her snarky attitude on the 'After the Rose' really really hit a button with me. Even during the season finale! Brad was basically trying to tell her (without bluntly saying it) that he was it to be her and that he's going to be a damn good father and wants to accept both Emily and Rikki into his life. And she snubbed him and ignored him and the girl does not show emotion. How do you not cry when a man is telling you he wants to be an amazing father to your daughter? And how do you not cry when you're being purposed to? Ugh. Soooo frustrating!! I just feel like she was so sincere through the whole show and then BAM! she is this completely different person. Allright, I had to say my peace, and I am sorry for those non-Bachelor fans :) (oh and I reeeally wanted Michelle (yes again the crazy one)) to be the next Bachelorette not Ashley (whampwhamp).

............... sunshine & sandals! :)
I am loving that the weather has hit the 60's several times this week! I really can't wait to bust out my sandals!! :)

Oh I have such a sweet spot for this place. With everyone else I go in for $15 worth of toilet paper and walk out with a $65 bill. Did I need a new lipgloss? Duh. Stock up on cards? Yes! Chips were buy1get1? Yum, yes please! Clearance section had some basic tshirts/tanks? Hello, they we're only 6.98 each! 

BUT that is not the reason (this week) for my love of Target. GO International Designer Collection. I am obsessed. I made my way over to Target and felt like I was in line at the Apple store for the release of one of their new products (more into my moron-ness of waiting in line this past Friday, ha.... It totally reminded me of the episode of 'The Nanny' (don't hate, I love it) where Fran & Gracie went to the sale at one of the department stores and Fran and another customer both wanted the green cashmere sweater!) But I did end up getting everything I wanted and it makes me even more excited for spring/summer because I love wearing dresses! :) Yaay!
Some of my favorites!


Proenza Schouler



Tara Jarmon


Zac Posen

Yes, I stood in line on a Friday waiting to get my iPad2. No, I didn't not get one. I was about 100 people back (after waiting an hour) and they announced they were out of the model I wanted! Since, I have gone back this week twice and have called all surrounding Apples (and best buys, targets, electronic stores that carry Apple products) every morning in hopes of being a proud owner of an iPad2. I reeeally wanted to take it with me to training this Friday verse lugging my laptop with me!

and in other news, Mr. Justin Timberlake is single again! I really hope he and Mila start dating!! (love her!)

Have a great day lovelies!!!! :)

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