Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hello! It's Wednesday... I love it! :) Can my love of Wednesday be part of my WILW?? ;)
Well it is. :) You may have noticed my slight hiatus. I have been a busy bee...

I have been doing a ton of traveling of long periods of time (9 days for training)! and my Lola finally has got a haircut (poor girl was looking more like a teddy bear than the adorable puppy she is and even better I didn't get it an at home haircut [never do that again])! I love my sweet lola bear and her pretty pink bows!! :)

Loving the pretty color of all the Wellies! Makes the rain ever-so more bearable!! 
Recently discovered some really yummy Italian places here in DC! and I loooove going out to eat! ;) 
Vapino's ...the atmosphere is definitely what won us over (and the food is yummy too!!)! 

and our favorite new little pizza place, seventhhill hmmm, deeelicious!! 
(they make the dough in front of you, tosses & all!)

These pens!!!! (Pentel EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink 07 in Purple)
Seriously, if you left handed, go out right now and buy them... now
They do not smear at all, whatsoever. Seriously. (yes I am loving (really loving) a pen) since I first was allowed to use pens in school, they always smeared and left my pinky with an array of colors smeared on the side.. These: no smear!  (and they come in purple!) 

Ponds Cold Cream. Try it. You'll love it too. (it takes off all your makeup, all of it)

happy wednesday lovelies! xo


Raven said...

Saw you from the WILW link up! That pizza looks delicious! Wish I lived in a bigger place with better restaurants! And I want those wellies in pink please! :)

Kit said...

What great things you are loving today! I hope that you had a great Wednesday! I love Hunter boots!!!

Melissa said...

Love the rain boots! I have really cute patterned Wellies that make rainy days not so bad :)

Ally said...

Your dog Lola is SOOO cute, she looks like a little teddy bear!!! I also use the same Cold Cream to take my makeup off... it is my #1 beauty secret! :-)