Thursday, April 14, 2011

catch up (sorta)

My new favorite word: hiatus :)
...just kidding. but for realzzz (ha), I have been gone for two weeks, I can't believe it. Lots has happened. I feel like right when I am getting into my grove of blogging (and life) I get a curve ball. (that's just how it goes).


Just about two weeks ago, I spent five lovely days in San Francisco. It was my first time and I fell in love with the city! The weather was spectacular (although everyone's reaction was: "it's never like this")! So much to see, so many places to eat (doesn't help with my expaaanding waist line, thank you holidays) and so much to do! It has such a small town and is super dog friendly. (Lola would LOVE it). Only thing I am not a fan of: no Target. I mean really? How do people function with only going to Target on weekends. (Ok, maaaybe I have a problem that I frequent it at least once a day... sometimes more).

One of the highlights of my trip: Seeing the Full House house. I was obsessed with the show as a youngin' and there's no shame (I don't have normal cable, so I can't even catch a re-run, ha!) I actually got to see these houses from the park where they shot the intro to the show and actually saw the actual Full House house (yeah, I didn't know they were different either?)

And I got to see my old roomie, Liana from Las Vegas who moved back home to the area! It was fun meeting up with her and her friends at a karaoke bar in the Marina district! 


I realize after my travels, I have been a horrible picture taker. I used to be reliable on capturing all the details and I really suck at that lately. I need to get better! Paparazzi-style ;)


I have some exciting news to mention, I can't quite yet... until I work out details. but it's pretty exciting (yes, it's killing me to not just say it.......) by giving a little blurb about it makes it a tab bit easier to keep a secret! 


Aside from that I am going to try to keep up with my blog a little better! Promise! :)
Look forward to getting back into the swing of things and getting more acquainted!

WOOO.. & it's Thursday

xo lovelies! 

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