Friday, April 15, 2011

fessing up

Whew! This week fleeew by. I can’t believe it’s already Friday. That’s another thing I love about blogging, it reminds me that it’s Friday when it feels like a Wednesday!
To the point, I have some things to ‘confess’ before the weekend comes!

I confess, Ugh I can't get the horrid "Friday" song out of my head, by Rebecca Black?? (annoying and the video is even worse) Completely unacceptable.

I confess I have been a bad mommy to Lola. Yeah, I've pretty much abandoned her for the last 12 days. (what I mean by that is, we left her with my roommate).

I confess that I have a shopping problem.

I confess that I have been totally car dancing and singing while in the car as of lately. I have XM and have been listening to POP2K and 90's on 9 waaaaay too much. (and I may sit in the car an extra few minute to finish my song!)

I confess that I am doing the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon. I signed up for the DC National Marathon and wasn't able to run because I was shipped off to Memphis for 9 days (9 days, really…) for training. BUT, I so far convinced 2 friends to head out there with me on Dec 4th. More or less I am hoping they're not gonna kick my ass too. I am sooo afraid of coming in last place. Eek!

I confess that when I was a nanny in Las Vegas I had personal shoppers at the mall and I'm pretty sure they were convinced I was a stripper and/or had a baby's daddy. Because A. I look like I'm 12 with a child and B. I was spending waaay too much money (hence the shopping confession) And I let them believe what they wanted, I found such amusement from this! ..."I'm self-employed" (I was!)

I confess that I have a small stash of snacks that I keep for myself. I really don't like sharing. (or letting people know I am snacking, shhh!!)

I confess I am excited to get the carpet cleaner today and clean the couch and spot clean the carpets (yes, you did just read that correct). I looove to clean & organize. (and no I won't come clean/organize your house... unless you pay me!)


Have a wonderful Friday lovelies! :) ox


Mamarazzi said...

i have a shopping problem too!

i hate that Friday song tooo, so much, and now it is stuck in MY head, me no likey!

snack stash, awesome.

hey come on back and grab the Confessional button to add to your post and link up this post by clicking the title and grabbing the new url that shows up above.

it will change from this:

to this:

thanks chickie! love your confessions!

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