Saturday, April 16, 2011

i don't care how, i want it now

For the longest time I've kept a running list on my memo pad on my blackberry. It started as a '30 before 30' (who knows there's still time!) but has really turned into my 'to-do list'. Sooo I thought I'd share my list (as it continues to grow) & experiences as I cross things off! :)


Attend a game at Dallas stadium 
(not because I'm a Cowboy's fan but for the 11,200 square ft screen)

Go to the Opera
(I'm talking Pretty Woman style...."Oh it was so good, I almost peed my pants!")

(because who doesn't want to jump out of a plane?)

(Costa Rica James' 30th...2/17/11)

White water rafting
(why not?)

Go on a train
(passenger train, on a long trip. Glamorously like SATC)

(not in a cabin, bugs & bears welcome)

Backpack through Europe
(hostile style, seriously)

(just the opposite of backpacking)

Build my ownhouse, make it a home
 (with a wrap around porch!)

Learn Spanish
(I wouldn't have to take lessons if I could spend... say 6 months in Costa Rica)

Masters Degree
(minus the student loan debt)

Buy a new car
("Ruby" was purchased back in 2009)

Grow my nails out
(this will probably never happen)

Own a Diamond bracelet
(would make a great gift!)

Bravely donate my hair
(bravely being the key word here)

(11/19/10 Grand Velas Resort - Riviera Maya)

Adapt a pet
(Lola 7/13/ her!)

Go to a Broadway show
(Wicked or Cats [are they still running?])

Visit NYC
(weekend of 02/25/11, via bus... baaad decision)

Celebrate NYE in NYC
(crowds & all)

Visit somewhere with no luggage & purchase everything
(how freaking fun would that be?)

Learn to play the piano
(I was getting good on my ipad)

Donate significant time to charity
(I'd love to work with children)

Take ballroom classes
(hello! have you seen their bods on DWTS?)

Take Yoga lessons
(i'm an ideal candidate)

Learn to surf
(paddle boarded while in Costa Rica, I was awesome, no really!)

Learn to play tennis
(by a pro, can we say awkward?)

Run a half marathon
(registered for DC National, had to miss it. Registering for Las Vegas Rock & Roll)

Learn to ski/snowboard
(so I can stop missing out on fun times with friends & not be fearful of running into a tree)

Ice skate in NYC
(during Christmas!)

Get married
(have my grandparents see me get married)

Have a baby
(or babies)

Have a legacy
('live your life')

Own a my own boutique

Invent something useful
(U-turn signal!!)

Get a tattoo
(teenest tinest...or maybe not!)

Visit Australia

Read the Bible
(start to finish)

Shower in a waterfall

See a Volcano

Complete a 365 photo project

Travel to & visit all 50 states
(not just drive through)

Shoot a gun
(at a firing range)

Drink wine in Italy
(with some pasta!)

Visit the Grand Canyon
(I used to live in Vegas, how did I not do this?)

Ride in a helicopter
(maybe down into the Grand Canyon?)

Swim with dolphins
(not sharks)

Have my own star
(registered to me!)

Get over my fear of birds
(probably not okay for an adult to freak out in public)

Bury a time capsule
(dig it up with my children)

Crush grapes with my feet

Help someone else complete an item on their list

Leave a $100 tip

Order everything on the menu
(at a really yummy restaurant)

Make bread from scratch

Take a cooking class

Learn to sew

Go to a Super Bowl game

Stand on the Equator
(visiting Maldives would work fabulously)

Buy a Digital SLR Camera

Start a school

Go wine tasting in Napa'll continue to grow!
(hope to cross more off than what I add)


Kudos to you if you got to the bottom and actually read my entire list. :) 
There's a whole website dedicated to keeping track of your list: 'Bucket list' Maybe I'll join!
(not of fan of the phrase 'bucket list')

Do you have a 'to-do list' ??? And what have you accomplished??


Hannah said...

This is great! It definitely motivated me to sit down and make my own which I'll be sharing on my blog too! Thanks for the inspiration :)

p.s. - we have many of the same! i love it!

Johanson Family said...

Love your list!! I saw a groupon coupon for a tour of the Cowboys Stadium for like $45.. not too shabby.. you could totally knock that one off pretty quick! Hopefully you can clear that list and start a new one too!! I'm all about the lists!

ashley said...

@Hannah. Love your blog. Such a creative name! Look forward to seeing you 'list'. Now that I shared it with the world, I feel even more inclined to get things crossed off (and add more)!

@Johanson Family. I haven't come across that Groupon, you probably got it because you're in Texas! Look forward to seeing your list too. I pretty much think of something new every day.

Mamarazzi said...

super love this idea.

i am going to start my list on my droid now!

i notice that you reply in your comments.

do people usually come back and check to see if you have replied?

it would never occur to me to even check.

Kate as of Late said...

I have a 25 before 25! I haven't accomplished anything on it yet, I need encouragement!! :) I love your's though!!!!

April said...

I love your list and a lot of yours are on mine... too bad we don't live closer we could cross them off together! I've also done a lot of yours (fave was wine in Italy with pasta ;)) Thank you for reminding me how blessed my life has been. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day stuff and forget the truly wonderful things that have been accomplished! Maybe I need a list of amazing things I've done so I can easily remember how wonderful life is!