Saturday, March 12, 2011

saturday and sunny

Morning lovelies!
i wish i woke up to this!
I love (love love love) weekends. :) It is nearly impossible for me to sleep in past 7:00am (I am an early riser by nature and my sweet little Lola won't allow that anyways) With no set plans for the weekend (I may slide past Apple this afternoon.... (because I did wait in line for an hour yesterday evening before the 3G white iPad2s were sold out..whamp whamp) in hopes of getting mine today) I am going to live in the moment. Ha! ;)
I was beyond excited to learn that it's going to be a very warm 60 degrees today. :) I fully intend on taking Lola for a walk in the National Mall with a Venti Starbucks in hand. Who knows.. I may even go for a run, outside. ;)
nat'l mall

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!


Johanson Family said...

Remember the good old days of being able to sleep late? I used to sleep till noon and feel like a rockstar! I can't sleep past 7am even if I wanted to and oddly enough, its not bc of my kids... I just can't do it! Cute pup!!! I sure wish I could be at the beach too!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Ashley said...

I wish I could say I do, I have always got up early!! Ugh. Have a fantastic weekend! :)