Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5:00 am blog post, why not?

I find it completely necessary at 5:05am (now that my panic attack has subsided) to just briefly blog to decompress. Ahh... I am so anxious that I can't really fall back asleep (fail). My poor boyfriend in SF was woken up at 1:30am to my overly panicked (I can see that now) text messages (which as of lately, is really unfair considering some of the stuff that has happened, I need not worry him over my silly issues). Truth be told, I sorta get worked up over... well, everything

I don't really want to go into grave detail, because let's be honest, that'll probably bore you... Basically. I woke up thinking I forgot a HUGE, I mean reeeally huge part of ordering something in for my job. After calling the 'emergency line' (thaaank you for that, seriously) I realized..... I'm an idiot. Basically, the rookie-ness of my job (I should be cut some slack, I've only been in my position since Jan) led me to be completely off my game and panic at 4:00am when I thought I wasn't prepared for Wednesday morning. 

Truly the worse part about all of this : being made the example. You know, that person everyone gets told about (namelessly) during trainings/seminars about what not to do.. (or in my case, what to do). Yep, that's gonna be me

Lola may be a little irritated that I woke her up from her most comfortable sleeping position : directly next to my face or normally, in the nape of my neck

Either way, all is well in the world again... and I should try to get back to sleep! 

ox :)

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