Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tuesday fav's

Please excuse the previous 5am post! I was overwhelmed with anxiety & really couldn't get back to sleep... therefore : I blogged! :)

Although I don't necessarily 'collect' anything. [I am the furthest thing from a pack-rat... I will throw anything away because I loathe clutter]. However, there are a few things that I probably have in excess! [which I now can consider a 'collection'......oh, wait till I though that 'perspective' at the boy, heh! :)]


1. Throw pillows : yes, throw pillows! I have waaay too many. You know those cube space saver bags? Well, I have 2 of them just filled with throw pillows. I love being able to change my bedding and the pillows around the house! And they're such a pretty way of making a change to your decor! 
2.  Dresses : the word just makes me smile! :) :) I could basically wear a dress everyday! I adore how easy they are to throw on, how versatile they are in a wardrobe & no matter what season it is.. you can always rock a dress! (I've learned to love tights since moving back east). 



I need to stop being so lazy & take/upload some personal pictures! Promise, ....baby steps! :)


Caroline said...

I love these!!! So great!

star said...

Dresses and throw pillows are great things to collect! I love dresses!

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm a complete girly girl and I LOVE me some dresses too!!!! Mine don't look that cute hanging in my closet though! ;) Let's see how yours hang!

Kate as of Late said...

Love love love the throw pillow stash, I have the same thing! My mom makes me new ones every season! And dresses, I'm afraid I'm the same way!! <3 your blog, officially following :)

Meg Smith said...

You can never have too many dresses!!! I love them too!

Anonymous said...

I am the same with BOTH! I love buying throw pillows and my closet is all dresses. LOVE it!!

Holly said...

Yay for dresses! I love them too! :)

Mrs C with Style said...

I agree with you on the dresses for sure!! They just make you feel pretty! The nice thing about it is that you can dress them up or down! I definitely prefer to wear dresses in the summer compared to shorts!! Love the post!

Megan said...

You can NEVER have too many dresses! And throw pillows are fabulous, as well. :)