Tuesday, April 26, 2011

everybody's workin' for the weekend

Hello blog friends! I have been in such a great mood! It's probably because of all the consistent sunshine we've been having. Hopefully the icky rain everywhere has stopped (we did have a great thunderstorm on Easter night, lots of lightening and it was actually hailing...which was weird because it was definitely 70 some degrees).

I wanted to recap my weekend. James was actually in town from SanFran (yaay) and I said goodbye again this morning. It gets harder and harder with every 5a airport see ya later.

We started our weekend with a movie & dinner. We usually do dinner and a movie but reversed it, which I like a lot more!! It was nice to have a drink and not fill up with popcorn (even though I looooooove popcorn!..hm yum!) But we went and saw African Cats : (for Earth Day which a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales goes to Save the Savanna Program.. go us for saving the Savanna!)

After dinner we headed to what we thought* (note the word 'thought') was our favorite sushi place in DC, Sticky Rice. (Which if anyone has come to DC and had fabulously delicious sushi place, kindly share where you've gone??? It breaks my belly heart we don't have a 'go-to' place!.. hmpf). 

We had a Groupon there about 3 months ago and had the best experience and the best sushi. This time : not.so.much... We waited over an hour for our reservations. Fiiiiiinally we got seated and ordered our sushi (with our drink orders bc they were busy and all the wait staff was running around like crazy people and it just felt off... do you know that feeling?) 

Our sushi finally came (after my growling belly was telling me that I should of ordered popcorn at the theater). Hmmm... I guess maybe because it was free last time it tasted better? But it was NOT good. We left sushi on the plate (we never ever ever ever have left sushi on our plate!). I dunno... it didn't taste fresh, it wasn't horrible, but it just was not satisfying.... 

I should confess that we ordered "tots" (gleeeee) and they were sooo yummy with the spicy dipping sauce we devoured the whole canister!

Saturday, oh Saturday was sorta random. (which I can appreciate, every now and again) I spent the morning cleaning & organizing (yeah that's relaxing for me!) We actually had someone come over and buy several pieces of furniture we had listed craigslist (score for slowly getting rid of it) 

Around 3p we decided that we should go to the Orioles vs Yankees game. Well we didn't have tickets but that didn't stop us from driving 45mins to Baltimore (we were going to scalp, which makes me anxious and I hate to do!) Luckily (and no anxiety for ashley) they still had tickets at the ticket stand and we got to sit behind left field (pretty greats seats for a spur of the moment game day!). I would have some pictures to share... however this smart gal forgot to put her memory card back in her camera!! whompwhomp.

It was a pretty exciting game. Even though I really didn't pay much attention. My favorite parts about a baseball game (in no particular order):  popcorn. hotdogs. beer. peanuts. cotton candy. people watching. 

*Some lady got escorted from the game after she started beating a Yankee's fan with her shoe.... ha!

Sunday was Easter and we headed to church at 8:30a (score for getting up early after not getting to bed till 2a). After church we went to Harris Teeter and got groceries for our Easter brunch and dinner. 
When we got home, I decided it'd be smart to hang a sheet over the window so we could take an afternoon nap! (I cannot sleep with the sun shining so brightly... I even contemplated taking a picture but you do not want to see the hot mess of my bedroom right now..... in my defense, we sold our bedroom furniture and now everything has taken a place on the floor.. awesome.)

I made a very yummy brunch and we headed into Georgetown with Lola bear to walk around (the weather was aaaaamazing) and we stopped by Georgetown Cupcakes (we may or may not have watched an episode on 'on demand' prior to). Waiting in line for 20-ish mins  (I can't believe there was a line wrapped around the side of the building) we got our cupcakes and headed towards the marina and sat on a bench by the water while Lola played and enjoyed the beautiful weather........and our cupcakes! 

Easter dinner was just as yummy and I made James' favorite : mozzarella, tomato and crouton salad! We also had some really great steaks! We finished the weekend spending some time together and watching a movie! I love weekends when James is home and I love when the snail by! 

Well blog friends that was my weekend!! (I tried to make a short of it) and I proooomise I will started posting pictures (and/or remembering my memory card) of my excursions. We can all admit that posts are waay better with pictures, bc all these words are a liiiitle boring! So kudos (and thanks) to you if you got to this part!!

How did you guys spend your Easter weekend????

ox :)


Anonymous said...

I am SOOO jealous of your Easter weekend, it sounds like it fabulous! I was suck packing all weekend.. no fun!

But seriously... I am dying for a Georgetown cupcake now, and I am super curious about this mozzarella, tomato and crouton salad! *YUM*

Alisha said...

Send some of that rain to Texas! We need it SO bad.

Sounds like a great weekend for the two of you! Too bad about the restaurant.. Cupcakes do sounds amazing right about now!


Holly said...

Boo for the sushi not being great, but the tots look amazing! :D