Sunday, May 15, 2011

catch up

Lots to blog about!! 

Soooo sorry for the hiatus. I have been a busy gal. :)

Overwhelmed with everything going on and yet taking some time to stop and smell the flowers (or enjoy a few glasses of wine with my bff Robin and some quality time with the boy). 

Unfortunately, I still lack in actually taking pictures and have been reminded of that by James. (seriously ashley!) I really wish I could say that I have a unique reason, but nope. My camera comes along with me in my purse and still... limited (if any) pictures! Shame on me.

Well just to catch you up a little with what's been going on... 

Last weekend was fantastic!! One of my bff's, Robin came down from NYC (she lives in FL) after training to visit me in DC!! (she offered for us to spend the weekend in NYC together, but knowing me and how anxious I'd get having to travel by myself, she made the trip to me!.. that's why I love her!) 

I can't even begin to explain what a great time I had having her here! We did sooo much and had a blast!
I definitely miss us living together in Vegas! It was some much needed girl time and I was super sad to take her to the airport! 

I did manage to take a few pictures (she carried her camera and captured most of our weekend together, so if I don't look like a hot mess, I'll share those!). 
Words can't really recap our weekend together, so I'll let a few of the pictures speak for us! :)

yummy cocktails at Dirty Martini

Fast forward to this weekend..... 

James and I had a ton planned and I was definitely in the mood for some quality time! :) 

We headed into DC for the Nationals/Marlin's game (I was worried all day we would get rained out, but the rain held off) And even though the park was basically empty we still had fun! (of course, I didn't take pictures... ugh)

Even though it rained, I was probably more sad we didn't get hot dogs and popcorn (a must at ballgames for me!) but we did get some yummy dip n' dots! 
my fav flavor

Saturday night we headed out with friends to dinner (Margaritas + beautiful evening dinner outside) and went to some rooftop bar. I had a reeeally cute outfit on and rocked my fishtail braid and the picture is not our best, but I did manage to take one! (woo) and had to share!! ;)

Sunday we spend the entire day outside with Lola! Couldn't of asked for better weather!
Lola's 1st birthday is next Sunday and James will be in SF, so he got her an some early birthday presents. 
Her favorite was her new Puppia purple dog harness. Lola (Ashley) has been searching puppy boutiques for one and finally got it! :)

We also took Lola to meet some potential brother and sisters (played with an adorable Maltese) but honestly, I would not buy a pup from a pet store! (don't want to insult anyone who has, but I personally wouldn't) And I'm still questioning whether or not I want a second pup. She is by far the best puppy. Her personality is unique and I am truly blessed with how great she is! (doesn't hurt she's extra adorable). 

Oh and I would totally post a picture of her in her new harness, however.. Lola bear is due for a haircut and is just a ball of hair right now.

That, pretty much sums up my absence (sorta, kinda) and again I'm so sorry for my little hiatus and I hope you've all missed me as much as I've missed you! :) I know I have lots of blog reading to catch up with! 

I have a long busy week ahead of myself and I'm hoping to get back into my normal routine... blogging being a part of it! 

ox* lovelies! ;)


Holly said...

I am exactly the same. My camera goes pretty much everywhere with me, but hardly ever gets taken out and actually used. FAIL.

April said...

I'm the same with my camera... which is a crime since Collin is the cutest baby(I mean little boy) ever! I do use my video camera some so I feel a little better.

I'm glad you're back, I missed reading your blog :):)