Friday, May 27, 2011

don't do it

Happy Friday lovelies!!!

Lola and I are in San Francisco for the holiday weekend!! (Yep! She made the 5 1/2 hour plane ride with me from DC to SF... in her super new carrier).  She was so incredibly well behaved. It kinda bothered me that the flight attendants made it very 'clear', while I was boarding (2nd person on the plane, I got upgraded to 1st class, holla!) that she must stay in her carrier... or "I'll be in trouble" (yes, that is verbatim what they said). Well, she stayed in her carrier and was an angel. I stuck my hand inside a few times and gave her little belly rubs just to let her know her momma loves her and wishes she could take her out. (I don't think she held it against me, because while we were in the airport, she got to be in my arms! Plus she slept he whole flight)

Promise to share lots of pictures when I get back. We are probably going to play tourist and I hope the weather is warm and sunny!! ;) (No worries, I'm equipped with a jacket, just in case..)


It's no secret, for anyone who knows me. I love to read. I can read a book in 2 days (seriously). I just finished reading 'The Help'. Great book!! 

Well this past weekend, while my sister was in town, we went to see 'Bridesmaids' (it was a funny movie! I normally don't like to see 'chick flicks' {per say} at the theaters, but I wouldn't exactly classify this as that, and I shouldn't judge a film by it's cover). But my point is, I saw the preview for a movie... 'The Help'. I loved the book (couldn't put it down). Coming soon to a theater near you...

Part of why I love to read so much is the pure self interpretation you get from reading a book. And that isn't always portrayed back from a movie (full on geek mode).

Case in point: The Lovely Bones

I say this because The Lovely Bones was A GREAT book. Worse movie! I mean Peter Jackson really hacked that book for me... (plus it was just weird)  Simply put..(Granted I loved the girl who played the role of Susie and I mean Marky Mark was in it!). it really ruined the book for me. Ugh

I can go on and on... And there are books that I love... that have become films and I have equally loved the movies!. Example: Harry Potter. Loved them! And I am really excited that the final movie comes out July 15th!! 

I guess my point is... I love to read and I just get really urked when some books are made into movies and really suck. Com'on where's the original content people??? There are a lists of movies that I can name to provide more of a valid point, but I think you get it (at least I'm trying to make you.. haha). Any favorite reads that have turned into not-so-good movies?? 

Feel free to send me any book recommendations!! I love to share my reads and find new books, too! :)



I hope everyone has an amazing holiday weekend. Enjoys some sunshine (we've had enough of the awful weather and rain!) and enjoys their friends, family & some weekend (looong weekend, yay!!) fun!!

We are off to Golden Gate park to play with Lola and enjoy the SF sunshine!! :)

ox ;)


Melissa said...

I feel the same way when my fave books get ruined when they are made into movies! Grrr nothing makes me more angry

Kate as of Late said...

I agree with you, and also Melissa. I haven't seen Lovely Bones because I had heard how awful the movie was. Also, when I was younger I couldn't stand the Harry Potter movies, but now I love them! I am equally excited to see the last one in July!! :)
Have fun with Lola in SF, so glad she was good on the plane! I'm so nervous about flying with my furbabies! I'm afraid they WOULD hold it against me that they were stuck in a bag for a few hours hehe. :)
<3 Happy Holiday and safe travels!

Lindsay said...

I just finished The Help too and loved it. I never saw The Lovely Bones after hearing the negative reviews. But I too love Harry Potter!