Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Love short work weeks! Don't you??? :)

I came home this morning on the red eye from SF and walked into a heat wave. It was a steady 60 degrees in SF and I pretty much had to wear a jacket everywhere we went (James even encouraged me to buy a scarf! Score!!). 

I miss that I never looked at the weather report when I lived in Las Vegas (funny how you take things like that for granted).  This weekend, I fully plan on spending the entire weekend vegging out at the pool!!

I feel spoiled, tomorrow James comes back to DC. Back to back weekends with him. :) woo! 


Lola was the best pup on the flight home! (I don't remember if I mentioned this on Friday? I think I was nervous about jinxing our trip home). But she didn't make a peep and pretty much slept the entire flight there and back. The flight attendants on the flight home were beyond sweet and even allowed me to let Lola pop her head out of the top of the carrier!


Oh and I promise I will post some pictures before (during) the weekend. 


I have a huuuge list of things that need to be completed. I don't even know where to begin! The list keeps growing and not much is getting crossed off. 

I have been really great at cleaning out my closet (which has truly turned into a weekly event). You'd be so proud if you knew what my closet looked like. Let's just say: I had a shopping problem right after college. I have soooo much shit.. (and it's all ending up in piles throughout the house, ugh)


I can't believe today is June 1st. I love these summer months! The 4th of July is by far my favorite holiday. 
I loooove fireworks and festivals! Really excited to make plans for the holiday! :)


I am registered for the Rock N Roll Marathon (I'm running the half) in Vegas Dec 4th. I have convinced several friends to join and we've pretty much turned the trip into a weekend away with James' family too! I am nervous about running 13.1 miles and keep telling myself 'I have time to train'. Umm... I need to get a little more serious about it and be more consistent. (Probably the only down side of the weather: 90 degrees with 100% humidity does not make for outside running weather!)


I know this was a completely random post. Sorry! Just a few things I wanted to share. With all the traveling and my work schedule, I feel so out of sorts (hence why I things aren't getting crossed off my to-do list!). Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend. Look forward to browsing all my favorite blogs and catching up on my reading!

Happy hump day lovelies
ox ;)

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Aly @ Analyze This said...

I can't believe SF was only in the 60's!!

Let's chat about DC today!