Saturday, June 4, 2011

cheeseburgers + milkshakes

Last night for dinner James & I ventured to 'Good Stuff Eatery' in DC and I was reeeeally excited because I looove cheeseburgers! (I wish I would of done a little more research, because I would of brought Lola had I known they had outside seating) Nothing beats warm summer nights and eating outside! :)

I wasn't expecting it to have a fast food appeal and thought it would be more of a sit down restaurant. But after contemplating what cheeseburger I should get and if we needed onion petals AND fries...we decided to add milkshakes. Oh yum!

Right before it was our turn to order... POOF!!!  Spike appears. Literally. He is standing in front of us, behind the counter. I nudge James (he has his phone out)....

"It's Spike!!!"
"Take a picture."
"Should I take a picture? I want a picture."
"James, take a picture."
"It's Spike, hurry take a picture."
"From Top Chef, it's Spike, Season 4, I want a picture!" (totally think about you guys & my blog!)

.....AND he's gone.

Duuuuh. James doesn't watch Top Chef, or Bravo or really even any TV whatsoever. Hmpf. I really thought for some reason he'd know who Spike was. Fail. No picture. (sorry! :( believe me I kept my eyes peeled until we finished our food + yummy milkshakes)

$30.00 some dollars later (what I consider : overpriced) We had our upscale Five Guys cheeseburger, fries + milkshake!

I got the Colletti's Smokehouse (and all it's greasy goodness). 

James got the Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown (pretty sure he got the wrong cheeseburger) And we shared a bag of fries.

And our milkshakes. Which were probably my favorite! James ordered the Soursop Hop Strawberry and I got the Toasted Marshmallow. I didn't get a chance to try James' but mine was soooo yummy!!

Definitely took it upon myself to go for a nice run this morning to work off what I imagine to be a bajillion calories that I consumed last night (I don't count, ever but I'm sure this would be off.the.charts!). 

Not sure I would ever really go back for cheeseburgers, BUT I'd definitely venture out for the atmosphere and the milkshakes. Five Guys gives out free peanuts. 


Tonight I am going to my first country concert. We're going to see Kenny Chesney.... and I have to admit, I don't know any of his songs. BUT who can say no to a free concert with free food + drinks? (and free parking, no seriously, it's so expensive). 

Sunday, James & I plan to veg out at the pool all day and just relax! I think I am most excited for that. :)

Any fun plans this weekend?? :)

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Kate as of Late said...

Hey girl, that all looks DELICIOUS! You made me hungry! Haha, i also gave you an award girl, head over to my blog and pick it up! :)