Sunday, May 1, 2011

keep on keepin' on

Two days in a row of smart decisions and great workouts!

Yes, I know it's only been 2 days, but I'm the kinda girl who strives for success through recognition and reward! (shut up, you know you're all the same)

I am going to start keeping track of my workouts and maybe even share yummy healthy recipes..

GO ME!! :)


I had a silly moment with a friend on Saturday while in Georgetown having dinner + drinks!

Me: I buy something and I have to finish it basically it one sitting.
Friend: We all can.
Me: No,I'm a closet eater.
Friend: You don't really eat in your closet, do you?

I love it! :) Short and silly, yes. But I wanted to share it for a good reason. I realized at that moment that more girls than I realize, are in the same situation as I am. We want to get to the gym everyday. We want to eat healthier. BUT It's those moments we buy rewarding items (ie: chips, ice cream, candy, pop) and tell ourselves that we'll reward ourselves slowly and will have self control.

Yeah right. Ha.

I realized I just need to consider those items toxic..
(I read on a blog somewhere that Ms. Spears does that... and I don't remember who's blog to credit, sorry.. let me know if it was you!) That's pretty much my new food mantra : I am keeping the crap out of the house. (which I did anyways, ha. considering I usually finished it within the first two days). 

Aah.. and thank you sooooo so so much for all the amazing, encouraging emails! :)

ox lovelies


Anonymous said...

I am a closet eater too! It is so hard to stop that habit... but I'm trying!

Jeannie said...

more power to you if you can say no!! :)