Saturday, April 30, 2011

nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Today I woke up and I decided : enough is enough . . .

enough.... with the unhealthy eating (and I should probably start drinking some damn water)

enough.... with the 'I can't' attitude (why the hell not?)

enough.... with the 'just this once' with the junk food (who am I kidding... it usually isn't once)

enough.... with the ignorance to nutritional information (educate myself.. hello Google)

enough.... with the excuses to not workout (I'm not in a  funk, I'm just being lazy)

enough.... with feeling sorry for myself (more excuses)

enough.... with expecting magic to happen (seriously, this would be great, but reality check)

enough is enough!! 

Seriously, I am not expecting anyone else to hold me accountable but myself. (but please feel free to cheer me on and encourage me :) I shouldn't expect anyone to hold me accountable to what I am fully capable of doing on my own)

This whole week (and maybe then some...definitely some) I've allowed myself to use excuses that :
I am in a funk.
I am tired.
The weather isn't/wasn't great.
I don't have time.
I'll just have one chip.
I'll go tomorrow.

Really Ashley? Really? Ha!


By 12:00p today, I've already :
Ran 2.5miles (outside to the gym).
Ran 1.5 miles (once at the gym).
Did some weights.
Took Lola for a walk.
Had a yummy healthy lunch.

And all while realizing that I do love all these things (and always have)
I know it all boils down to : mind over matter. 

and that fact that... 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels'


Melissa said...

This post literally could have been written about me. I do the same things! I'm going to follow your lead and stop with the excuses! Thanks for the inspiration haha

Cara S. said...

Bravo, good for you! WE can make excuses all day long but it doesn't do anything for our waistline (well except maybe make it expand). So hooray for you for taking that step and not allowing yourself to make the excuses anymore!

Jamie said...

Way to go girl! I need some of your motivation!

Impulsive Addict said...

This is GREAT motivation for me! I've been in a little funk too and maybe this is JUST what I needed to read!


I hope you had an amazing weekend! Mine was full of RAIN with no end in sight. Boo!