Wednesday, May 18, 2011

lola :)

 Lola got a haircut... and of course this is big news!

Since it's getting warmer out and she was a ball of fur, I figured we should give her a 'summer cut'. It's funny how much she changes as she grows! Sunday (May 22) is her 1st birthday.... and yes, we will be having a celebration! (birthday cake & ice cream included) She even got a pretty new birthday outfit. (I will take pictures).

I was going through my phone looking at the pictures of her over the last year and it definitely makes me want to do it all over again.  I didn't grow up with animals and was hesitant with taking on the responsibility of a pup, but I am beyond thrilled that I made the decision. She has been the best decision and I can't even explain how much I adore her! 

So, in honor of Lola's big 1st birthday I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures! :) 
1st picture... bringing Lola home!

soo tiny! she's the same size as the console table leg. 

hey mom!

loved her dark hair, so sweet

loves car rides. just stares at momma

yes, she tries to get into the bath with me
and since she can't, she sits on the side 
1st haircut and tag! (my little chuck norris)

adorable. my little bear

I know I'm cute!

'where we going?'
comfy in mom's arms
(look at her laying on her paw!)

take me out of here
roadtrip in the car (moving) from LV to DC

waking up far too early in the am
had to go with the tube because the cone was too big
(at least we know she'll float)

pom pom ears
loves to cuddle
and practically sleep on my face
whats this white stuff

looooves car rides
slumber party at grandma's
executive lola
really mom?
at home haircut (uh, never again)
finally have hair again!
she may be part cat
loves strawberries
close up!
pretty new bows 
seriously, stop with the damn pictures (or at least turn off your flash)
go ahead take my picture
such a ham


I did post 30+ pictures of Lola.

I may be sliiiightly obsessed with her ;) But I had a difficult time narrowing it down to just these pictures. hah! (and it's completely okay to upload this many pictures of my adorable pup! and I'm pretty sure I had to edit the captions, I find myself giving lola a voice. {you know, having a conversation with her} Please tell me other people do this too????) :) 

I seriously love her more than you can imagine. (she is what holds over my baby fever, lol)

My poor future children. :)


Holly said...

Oh my gosh. She is just too cute! :O No wonder you posted so many photos! I think my favourite one would have to be the one with the bows though! :D

Ally said...

Sooooo adorable!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

OMG Ash!!! 30 photos?!?!? Hahah! They are all SO cute!!!!

Lori said...

oh my gosh, your lola is ADORABLE! i am in love with dogs, and yours is so cute! we have two mini-doxies at home :)

new follower, please stop on by..

Joeylee said...

oh my your dog is so adorable!

CMae said...

You need to link up with my Tail wagging Tuesday!! I love finding blogs where people love their fur babies as
much as I do!!! :)
I have to ask..

What kinda of a dog is she? She's so stinkin cute!!!