Wednesday, June 22, 2011

boxes.. because I couldn't think of anything clever

anxiety has got the better half of me.

granted I'm always anxious. everything makes me nervous and I credit that fact to my need for 'perfection'. and I know, nothing is perfect, but I like it my way.

okay I'm a control freak.. ha!

my life right now is consumed with boxes.

(I share these empty, flat boxes because I'm too embarrassed to take pictures of the craziness I am living in)

I am moving and moving

Unpacking doesn't bother me so much, but packing for this particular move is different.

I've moved plenty. Packed plenty and unpacked just as much.

I moved back and forth in college. From college to Las Vegas. Into a new place almost all 4 years in Vegas and then from Vegas to DC (10 months ago) and now DC to San Fran.

This move is different because we're selling all our furniture and then some.

Taking what fits in boxes and suit cases. (I have thought this threw, and with each visit, two boxes make their one-way trip to SF) and shipping 8 or so boxes of personal items.

It's somewhat depressing to fit my life into boxes.

I have a lot of stuff and have throw a shit ton of things away. Old clothes. Gone through old files. Just old shit.

What I'm finding hardest to get rid of is my clothes. Sorting through stuff, I have found treasures that I've began re-wearing. (I'm sure that'll make James happy to read, ha!) 

I AM excited that when making SF my new home I get to shop. Yep, shop. (I'm not sure James thought this through, I kid. Sorta). Buy new furniture. New decorations. New bedding., New kitchen stuff. A new everything else that you need to survive.

(I totally typed that last part with a huge smile and partial evil grin)

Apartment hunting is going to be fun. I've never actually lived "in" a city. I have lived around and have some key things I am looking for in my new home.

Sunshine (SF can be cloudy/gloomy)*
Convenient walk to the grocery store*
Same holds true to restaurants/shopping
Washer & dryer IN our apartment*
Very large closet*
Hardwood floors
Updated kitchen

Although I know I won't get all of these. I put little * for things I won't budge on. :) (well I may have to, who am I kidding, we aren't going to spend 5g's a month on rent)

Feel free to share packing and moving tips!! I'd love to hear them.
And how do you determine really want to get ride of (because you know I want 'need' everything I have)???

Happy Wednesday (I seriously almost typed ya'll. ha!).  Back to the boxes.

Word. oxx


angie on maui said...

I feel your pain, moving is NO fun. But the adventure that awaits, IS! There is something to be said about purging old stuff to make room for new stuff, that just feels good. The shopping and decorating and planting new roots is icing on the cake when you're relocating, so as crazy as it sounds, enjoy it, because soon enough, you will be back into the routine of things and "normal life".

You will love San Francisco. As much as I love and have grown comfortable with our quiet life on Maui, I miss my old stomping grounds. San Fran (and any big city, for that matter) has an energy that keeps things new and exciting, and there is so much to do out there.

Good luck with the move!

Little Missy Me said...

sometimes being able to say no is really easy, other times it's really hard. having moved internationally twice, and now about to do a big move like you, my tip is think back to when you were a kid, and all the awesome stuff you had then; you don't regret giving up that stuff now hey? So by letting go of that awesome shirt or fancy spoon holder or whatever, are you going to regret giving it up next year/five years/ten years time? There are definitely things you need to keep, but in all reality by giving up the old stuff you open up space in your life for fancy new stuff.
Good luck!

Katie said...

Good luck on your move. It's one of the most stressful things a person can go through, so be easy on yourself :)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I don't want you to move so far away from me :(

Promise you'll come visit? Or we can meet in Chi one of these days?