Monday, July 25, 2011

boxes and more boxes

Hello pretties!!

Just wanted to stop in for a little hello (or an excuse to stop packing for a hot minute).
I can't believe how fast time flew by!! We are leaving on Wednesday for Ohio to stop and say goodbye to our families. And Thursday we begin our journey out west to San Fran. Yay!!

Right now our apartment currently consists of:
*empty cupboards/closets. 
*rows upon rows of hangers 
*piles of sorted belongings: keep, throw away, ship, I reeeally want to take so I hope we have room
*boxes, boxes and more boxes

Pretty sure I can pack a box better than anyone else. Maybe FedEx or UPS is hiring? 

Excited to sure our journey with you guys. No worries I plan on taking loads of pictures! :)



Young and Fabulous said...

im so excited to seee your pics of everything when you get to the new place!

packing sucks. no ifs ands, or buts!!


Hollie Ann said...

Can't wait to see pictures!!!