Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the final countdown

Seems appropriate. :)

In seven (eek! seven!) days we will be making our 2,800 mile drive to San Francisco
I'm a road warrior with all my cross-country driving experience. 
Ohio to Vegas in about 30 hours 
Vegas to DC in just over 40 hours

I am hoping to actually take pictures this time around. Usually I just want to stop for gas and more junk food. (junk food is my road trip fuel) 
my faaaaav for road trips
I won't overload you on pictures of all my favorites, 

Which I guess you can tell my life is a little uninteresting. It consists of working, packing, eating the food I have in my freezer/fridge/pantry, packing, organizing, throwing stuff away and selling stuff to people who hopefully won't chop me up off craigslist. 


On a completely different and random note...

I am so excited to see pictures of Harper Seven! Move over Suri (..there's a new girl in town)

and yes, yes..I did just post that. (I looove musicals!)

*If anyone has any fun cities they think we should stop in for our drive from DC to San Francisco... I love suggestions!! We are taking the north route (80) and stopping in Ohio to say ciao to our families. 



Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

Wow! You ARE a road warrior! I drove from Maryland to Mississippi back in November and I vowed to NEVER do that again. The drive down wasn't bad but coming back was torture! It was just too exhausting for me.

Miss V said...

Hello! Confession here, I see that you are a follower of mine for Im not sure how long but I juuuussst became a follower of yours! Seeing as I live in SF and all and you happen to be moving here I thought I would formally intro myself ha! If you need any tips, pointers, help at all let me know would be happy to chat! xo.

Young and Fabulous said...

AHHH! its getting closer!!

well my birthday is on sunday so if you want to detour to Boston first I will be perfectly okay with it

i find myself alllllways eating junky food on road trips! they just are a necessity

good luck with all your packing!


Little Missy Me said...

those snack things look like pasta spirals. do they actually taste any good? hopefully no one will chop you up when trying to buy your fridge

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I cannot wait to hear about ya'lls journey!! Wow, what a trip!