Friday, July 1, 2011

looooove long weekends

Who doesn't love long holiday weekends? 

While I know a shit ton of people are going to be venturing into DC for the 4th of July, I am still heading into the National Mall to watch fireworks. What other opportunity am I going to have to do this again? I'm not. I wouldn't fight the crowds and tourists if I didn't live here. 

I spent the majority of my work day in the car, in traffic. My GPS asks me multiple times if I'd like to change to pedestrian mode? Are you kidding me? (I may have had other choice words). It's not bad enough I'm driving 10mph on the highway but my GPS has to taunt me? 
(I love this commerical, bahahah)


Luckily for you guys, I snapped another outfit picture today. (I think James would think I was a weirdo if I asked him to start snapping outfit pics. What'cha think babe?) So again, here is the self-portrait. Oh yea-yer. 

ps I bought Dr. Scholls for ball of foot.. uh-  they.are.amazing. If you wear heels for work (or want to) buy them. It was like walking on sunshine

I love going to the movie (Icee's, Popcorn, Sour Patch Kids) And this weekend... since I'll have my movie buddy back in town ;) ..we're going to see Transformers 3 and Bad Teacher. I also love a good deal and every time I see tickets from Fandango on Groupon I jump on the offer. So this weekend two tickets to two movies that would normally cost $44 dollars is only $18. Score! (and I have a third that I got two tickets for $5 bucks, holla)

Hope everyone has super fun plans for the 4th and I can't wait to read/see everyone's posts! I promise I'll try to take lots of pictures!! ;)

Word. oxx 


Kristine said...

bahaha I love those mayhem commercials! I think the hot babe jogger one is my fave.

Don't you love Groupon!? It's amazing!

Young and Fabulous said...

your outfit is fab

when i got my license i was so scared to drive on the highway so id set my GPS to avoid highways. HORRIFIC. NEVER AGAIN

how was bad teacher? dying to see it! and now I want an icee

xoxox happy 4th!

Sarah Grecco said...

How was Bad Teacher? Cameron Diaz movies scare me a little......

That commercial is SO FUNNY. I never watch commercials now that I DVR everything!

Are you in DC? I'm in VA.....

Get Up & Go

Bon Bon said...

We saw Transformers too! How was Bad Teacher? Theater worthy?

P.S. LOVE your outfit! xoxo

Holly said...

I love your skirt...and your phone case! :)