Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I read a.lot. of blogs. 
I don't have a favorite genre or 'type' and I'm pretty sure mine falls between rambling & nothing (think Seinfeld). 

I do love* all the pretty things I discover via blogs. I also realize how much more entertaining and how much more likely I am to go back* to a particular blog when it's filled with pictures. 

I have been trying my best* to snap my photos and have been doing pretty good! (not saying I'll share them all, of course the internet only sees the very best. seriously)

Because I am moving (yes, I mentioned it again, we can start a drinking game out of how much I mention packing/moving) I am left with a limited closet. And I don't really need to shop (that was for James). SO each morning is a experience of putting together something pretty* and professional. (we already learned I have no shame wearing something two days in a a row).

Today, I took a photo for my blog friends (obv)
not sure about the look on my face, so I guess I could take back the very* best comment.

I debated getting rid of the shirt. (it falls just above where my skirt ends) but, my closet is limited because of packing (drink!) and I don't know if its the best* thing I've ever worn, but it was 90 out today and the material is super light... so it worked. :)

I don't want to overload you all on moving (drink) talk and my packing (drink) and lists I have to complete. ...So  rather than ramble on about more nothingness, I'll leave today's post semi short and sweet. (like me, except I'm tall and can be bitchy mean sarcastic). 

oxx g's. ;)


Young and Fabulous said...

sometimes i get so overwhelmed with all the blogs I read haha

love your outfit...fashionisssttaa!


jtyoder2 said...

i never knew you were this funny

Hollie Ann said...

hahahaha your face is classic.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Ohhh James' little comment!! Ha!

Dude, what is up with your face?!?! LOL