Tuesday, June 28, 2011

oh tuesday

Sometimes I don't really have anything interesting* to say. But I always have something* to say. 
And you get? Today's blog post. :) 

I've jumped on the bandwagon (I repeatedly gave people shit for) and have an iPhone. Not a big fan of kate spade but I liked the polka dots. Dare I say cute

*Side note: I also really understand now why there's a whole website dedicated to the hilariously frustrating mistakes auto correction makes. (ugh!)

I am getting pretty dangerous with picnik. I pretty much can make you look like the inside of a Victoria's Secret magazine. (or Pottery Barn, if we're talking household stuff)

I spent my free time editing all my photos of all my crap I own to post them on craigslist so hopefully someone will pay me for my stuff. (if you live in the DC area and want to buy my super fantastic stuff, email me!) 

Speaking of taking pictures. Everytime I go to snap a picture of an item, Lola finds herself in the picture. I find it adorable but people are weird about animals when they're buying stuff (no my dog doesn't chew on the furniture (just digs into the carpet))

I've already started to browse the internet for all the new stuff I'm going to buy when we are San Franciscoians. :) I can't believe how quickly it is coming...
soon to be san fran'ers

Cable doesn't exist in my house and so I am restricted to what I can watch. I did turn on 'The Bachelorette' briefly last night. Oh.my.gosh. Holy train wreck Ashley. I can't even watch it. She literally makes my skin crawl. Is anyone* a fan of her???

I love pretty things. I have become such an 'accessory' whore girl. This has become my favorite necklace in my collection and I may* have wore it twice this week already (uh, it's tuesday) 

Yes more move talk.  Sorry! I need some opinions! help? 
I have been going back and forth on what to keep and what to toss. 

  • Make-up (I have a stash that could be mistaken for Sephora)
  • Products (most used once!. skin/hair, see above)
  • Clothes/shoes (probably shouldn't bring this up, James reads my blog)
  • Household stuff - throw pillows/duvet sets, etc. (I have an embarrassing amount)

Any methods, suggestions as to what to do with all the crap??
Or should I just move it with me to SF/? (I fear space is going to be an issue)

I love the 4th of July and fireworks!! 
James and I are going to have some "American fun", we're going to the Nationals/Cubs game. Hotdogs, beer, friends & fireworks. Word. Works for me. :)

I'm going to leave you with a picture circa 2008, 4th of July. 
oh tao beach. 


Hollie Ann said...

You're moving to sf!? I'm so jealous! I love san fran! Here's my rules on clothes. 1-If you haven't worn it in a year give it away (this is hard, i recently moved and had 2-3 things come with i couldn't leave behind and prob won't wear) and 2-if you buy it and don't wear it in the first week you probably won't and should return it. this excludes special occasion dresses. i'm psycho and buy mine waaaay in advance.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Ummm send me the makeup and beauty stuff!! Puh-leez!!!

Young and Fabulous said...

can i just say I love your little parenthetic notes?

ok first, welcome to iphone land! lets text eachother photos with our cool iphones and embarressing autocorrects..like the time i said tator tits instead of tator tots to a co-worker.

Lola? ADORABLE! I love little head-cocks that dogs do

i'd move your stuff with you to SF! you never know...you might miss it! just buy storage-ey bins and hide them in closets! thats what I do when I have a lot of crap that I dont feel looking at haha

so i just heavily stalked your blog and am now following. love it!


jess said...

I can totally relate. I just did a sort of cross country move and got rid of a ton of stuff... especially house stuff that I "might need for...." I ended up just selling what I could and then giving the rest away then bought new stuff after my move! Worked out great!

Lindsey said...

i have that same kate spade case. careful it breaks if you drop it [i mean i'm not talking from personal experience or anything. ha!] i ended up getting another one of theirs that is hot pink with white polka dots and plastic/rubber which has held up MUCH better!
and i LOVE the necklace - where is it from!?

Holly said...

I really like your iPhone case, I love polka dots too.

LOL at Lola sitting on things you're trying to photograph to sell! :P