Monday, June 27, 2011

sorta like the duty free

Hola pretty people!

One of the best things about reading blogs is learning about new things (websites, stores, products, styles, designs, ideas, etc.).  I am by no means an expert but through my own personal trial and error, I know what works for me. 

Here are my faaaavs from head to toe :


  • COLOR: My hair guy added some fun random color to my hair; but the brown? au natural. And the whole head of hair is mine too. 
  • CUT: I literally tell him "Victoria's Secret hair" (no, really, I do)
  • WASH: I only wash my hair every 5-8 days. When I do I use good 'ol Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo & Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco conditioner 
  • STYLING: When I do wash my hair, I do it at night and let my hair air dry. I try to stay away from the blow-dryer (evil!) And I don't really use any type of leave-in product. I find that it makes my hair sticky & heavy. I live and die by my curling iron (I rarely ever straighten my hair). I use a this 3/4 inch curling iron by Conair. 

  • HAIRSPRAY: Chi Helmet Head. Use it, it'll change your life. You're welcome.

sans makeup? don't think so.

  • FACE WIPES: I'm guilty of being a non-face washer (gasp!). I love these wipes (they're a-mazing) Lansinoh Wipes. (discovered them back when I was a nanny)
  • MOISTURIZER: I love my moisturizer. It has a 30SPF in it too so I especially love it in the summer. It's light-weight and really has helped with my face texture (good 'ol college days of fake'n bakin)
  • NIGHT CREAM: I try* to remember to put on my night cream & use Aveeno Positively Ageless 
  • UNDER EYES / BROWS: Aveeno Positively Ageless under eye cream.  You'll never catch me with fury eyebrows. (I get them threaded) but tweeze daily. 

i love picnik as much as i love all this crap

BODY: (sorry folks no picture of that, ha)
  • SOAP: I'm a bar soap kinda gal, My fav are Dove's. I love this Cool Moisturizer. 
  • BATH TIME: (me time, my favorite time) I am obsessed with Lush products. I'm a big fan of baths and go through their bath bombs like their the water. (little tip: I cut them in half & that way I get more than one use out of them!) I am not a perfume-y person. (it actually provokes headaches... bad headaches, that's another story) So these two are probably my fav (I may or may not have tried them all) because they have a light scent and aren't overwhelming. 
  • BUBBLES: The Comforter bubble bar is awesome, you just swoosh your hands around and presto! more bubbles. Really with the J&J's Bedtime bath I use it as a body wash & as bubble bath (I think you could wash your hair with it too, but I don't do that frequent enough, ha)
  • RAZOR: Shaving is not fun, but the Schick Hydro 5 is (and I use creme rinse as shaving cream)
  • DEODORANT: Dove's Ultimate deodorant. In natural. Really doesn't eliminate the look of 'stubble' (that's such a weird word)

visuals bc pictures are better than words!

  • PRETTY FEET: Life wouldn't be complete without pedicures. (I use this stuff with a pumice stone, take that dry feet)

Kinda feels like we shared a moment. Doesn't it? 
I mean when you get as intimate as a baths, soap and shaving... it's definitely a moment

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. ;) 
(Is there where I make the disclaimer that I didn't get paid to promote/recommend any of these products? but hey! I'm not below doing so)

Totally feel like a facial now. Go be beautiful people. 

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Hollie Ann said...

so my hair is super dry and i can probably go that long with out washing it too! except i feel like it starts smelling, not gross, but kind of out doorsish? does that happen to you? do you use anything for it? awesome blog by the way!