Friday, June 24, 2011


Some randomness, courtesy of moi.

I may be old news sharing this, but I am completely obsessed with: Karmin. From previous posts, it's obvious my music knowledge is limited to: XM/Pandora/Ryan Seacrest's Top 40. But I am a huuuge fan of them and they're engaged too!! 

Onto my girl crush: Zooey Deschanel she had me at 'cotton' (oh and I adored her in 500 days of summer with super dreamy Joseph Gordon-Levitt.) I am really excited for her new show: New Girl. 
(her and I could totally be bffs)

I am not engaged, I'm not planning a wedding but who says I can't browse plan what I want. Don't ask questions, I've already explained: here. Thanks. :)
I hate bridesmaid dresses, but these, these are
you're welcome future bridesmaids

I also wanted to share a little tip of fashion advice. If you're over the age of 16, you shouldn't wear a jean skirt. Ever. (I guess I could stretch that to a college freshman. maybe)

(ps. don't google images for jean skirts, or be prepared for some scandalicious results, ha. which is even more justification)

Thrilled tomorrow is Saturday. I have massage scheduled for tomorrow and I can't wait. Yaaaa.  I plan on spending the remainder of my weekend at the pool getting my tan on.

Peace out. ;) oxx 


jtyoder2 said...

This is awesome

Sara said...

That bridesmaid dress is fantastic!! I'm in a wedding next year...I'm SO sending that picture to the bride and begging for that dress!