Thursday, July 14, 2011

a note to my past self

Today I had the oddest thing asked: 

Here was the convo with me and random lady. 

RL: "Are you going to donate your hair?"  
Me: "Umm"
RL: "Your hair is so long, so I would think you were growing it out to donate it"
Me: "Oh, uh thank you" (thank you, really ashley?)

I was so* caught off guard with this question and the assumptive manner she asked-- I wasn't sure what to say or how to react. And why was this random lady giving me a guilt trip that I had long hair and hadn't considered donating it?

Well I have considered donating it. I just do not think I could chop it off. I also know you can't donate your hair if it's been dyed (guilty of that). 

Cutting my hair short brings back the awfulness of college style/fashion mistakes.

Insert ugly college picture: (I went through tons and tons of pictures to find one where I look half decent)

I may* have to do a college recap post with all the fun college pictures I have (I was known to always have my camera and took lots and lots* of pictures). 

Okay-- I am just coming back to this post, a good hour later. Too* funny. 
I am now going to post old pictures on friend's facebook pages!! ;) hahah (watch out Aly!! muahahaha) :)

I'll leave you with what I (or my friends) should of told my college self --
Why did I dye my hair the color of a firetruck?
Did I really cut my own hair?
Do not ever shop at WetSeal again -ever.
White lipstick? Really? (I think it may of been iridescent pink either way: no.) 
Go workout. 
Stay away from Taco Bell and any other fast food. 
Never throw up a peace sign or kissy face in another picture.
You're going to look like an old glove, stop tanning. 

My future post will bring back lots of great* college memories and give all my pretty readers a good, hard laugh.


This all makes me think of my new* favorite show:

I have fallen completely in love with 'how I met your mother'. 
My faaav is Neil Patrick Harris!
Aside from the fact that he is insanely hilarious on this show he also dances and sings. I have lots watching him host all the award shows. Amazing.

Do you guys ever get an interest in something and then Wikipedia it? (or IMDB)? 
I have this silly obsession with knowing the back story of everything. (and I'm completely intrigued with trivia/facts)

I do this with everything. Shows. History. Celebs. 
I lush for information!! :)


Sooooo excited tomorrow is Friday!! Yay* This week fleeeew by. Any big weekend plans??


Young and Fabulous said...

i would have said "i'll donate mine if i can chop yours off too"

silly lady tryin to guilt ya!!

i had that heinous awkward short hairstyle back in the day. hair cut up to my chin, always wore a side braid, had glasses/braces, the whole nine yards. I basically looked like slothy mc sloth

i graduated from college last how many years will it take for me to look back and be like OH SHIT i really looked like that? yikes

facebook pics are fun to look through. friend me!!


Chelsea said...

i just started watching how i met your mother because my boyfriend is obsessed and now i get why.!!

it is sooo funny. love love it!