Monday, August 8, 2011

welcome to hollywood

Detouring from the move post -- for now

I figured a post with our super cute outfits and some of my best gals would be a ton more exciting  than pictures of scenery (I'm a little biased). Don't cha think?
boring scenery

We're heading to Hollywood -- Which makes me think of the beginning of Pretty Woman!

Soooo -- this past weekend James and I headed down to LA!! I absolutely looove that I am back on the west coast and close to my west coast bestie, Ange! I've missed all our weekends together (random or planned) + my college roommate Meesha was also in town for her sister's (she lives in LA too) launch party..... needless to say -- we had a blast!

We started getting ready and started the evening with....

I'm pretty positive you were not expecting a picture of Patron? Hahaha. But seriously, (and I'm not a shot girl, ugh) it was soo good! Patron Café, who woulda thought!

 And some of this... (on repeat, literally. Oh how I wish it was possible to convey inside jokes into words)

We ventured to the private party and got to take pictures on the red carpet! So fun, right?  (I'll post those after she gets them back) 

ohio friends reunited in LA together

congrats Krissy!!

 fav west coast couple
Ahh so sad we had to leave!! Such a blast!!!  I'm pretty sure we drank a bottle of champagne each. I can't even count how many Kir Royales we had! (which may be my new fav cocktail and may explain the awesome feeling the next day --tots worth it)

I took tons of pictures and you all just got a short preview. I used to be the freaking paparazzi with my camera and I definitely went back to my roots this past weekend! 

The next morning (or afternoon, let's be honest --actually James got up and went for a run at runyon canyon himself)  We ventured to Santa Monica and got the most amazing cheeseburger at R+D Kitchen. Oh my gosh. It was Christmas morning in your mouth. Best.burger.ever. 
this is not my picture, I devoured mine before a camera could even be taken out

After lunch we walked down to the water and I was super excited for how warm it was! (people are wearing boots here in SF right now, really!) 

We got some yummy sushi later in the evening and went to bed before the movie even finished downloading on DirecTv. 

The next morning we all went to Runyon Canyon for a hike! Such awesome views of the city. Definitely going to go back next time we're in LA! 

We all grabbed breakfast at Fresh Bites afterwards and chatted about the weekend. 
I am so thrilled we made the trip down and I got to see some of my favorite people!!! I can't wait for visitors and for many trips up and down the California coast! :) wootwoot!

Oh and I have some fantastic news!!! :) -- but you'll have to wait until tomorrow's blog post! 

oxx pretties!

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Young and Fabulous said...

hating that youre in cali! I WANNA BE THERE!!

ok so i love your green skirt

and ive had patron...but not that kind!! im not a shot girl either...i sip at them hahahha

cant wait to hear the big news !!!