Monday, September 19, 2011

red red wine

Seriously, so fitting, right?

As promised... Napa/Sonoma - Labor Day Weekend 2011 

Back in Feb was James' 30th and his 2 bff'ers flew to Costa Rica to surprise him -- it was the middle of the 'epic birthdays' and Justin's was the finale (John celebrated his back in Oct).
james' 30th in CR
Every Labor Day, John throws a 'Laborious' party back on Kelly's Island and had Justin fooled it was still on (because John would never* cancel Laborious). Well we decided to throw Justin a 'Jubborious' (guess you have to know us to get it-ha!) 30th in wine country/SF. We had him fooled he was picking up John and James from the Cleveland airport and his wife Jen was coming there with his suitcase and surprising him that they were heading to SF (this phone conversation was hilarious).

*emails and fake flight confirmations were sent

We headed to the airport in our Jubborious t-shirts* to pick up Jen & Justin and headed back to they guys' offices for some pizza and beer to play catch up. 
the 3 best friends
*back of the t-shrits said "Jubba's 30th. Like fine wine, he's getting better with age. Napa 2011"
Early Friday morning we head to the house we rented in Sonoma (from airbnb) for the weekend. I am soo glad we decided to do this -- the house was beyond beautiful and perfect for the 6 of us. 

We went to 2 wineries in Sonoma on Friday -- Sebastiani and Ravenwood. Probably my favorite two of the weekend. The grounds were so pretty and we were able to take our wine outside.
sebastiani tasting

After our tasting-- we picked our two favorites (one red & one white) and ventured outside to the picnic tables. 

Ravenwood was super fun-- they had a 'cornhole' (bags, whatever you prefer to cal it) type game that entertained us...far too much (I excluded many of those pictures-ha!)

Friday night we had reservations for 'the girl and the fig' (read amazing reviews & did not disappoint). And started a trend for the long weekend-- mussels. 
yes, I even took pictures of the food

After dinner we decided to drink more (imagine that) and headed to a bar. (I think it was called Steiner's?) -- We played pool and there may have been some dancing -ha! ;)

Saturday morning we got up early, hydrated and prepared for a full day of wineries!  
'3 best friends that anybody could have'

Justin was still in the dark about the limo and we sent him outside first when it was time to go!
definitely surprised!

Off to Napa we went-- The limo ride was a little rough* (Sonoma:1 Us: 0)  but, no worries-- we all managed to drink champagne! 

*eliminated those pictures for sake of friendships

Del Dotto was the first stop and I was ecstatic because we had a cave tour tasting scheduled!! (plus they give you free cheese, bread + oil and chocolate, wootwoot)

The tour was a little different than I expected. Our guide was slightly eccentric and kept referring to the vineyard owner as psycho. (ya, I don't know why?) Either way-- the caves were pretty and we got to drink (win/win). 

Second up was Darioush. Let's just say, I could of done without. The grounds had great views but the actual winery was not my style. You were not allowed to take the wines outside and were not allowed to buy any bottles and drink them. Weird.

We ended our Napa visit at Reynolds --and had such a lovely time sitting outside (my favorite--when you can buy bottles and sit with friends!) Really loved this vineyard!
gorgeous, right?

The six of us headed back to the house and I was pretty thrilled to see my sweet Lola. Most of the wineries said they were pet friendly and she'll definitely be coming with next time!

I have contemplating adding the next portion of our Sonoma/Napa trip-- but no 30th celebration is complete without a box of Franzia (yes, the boxed stuff) wine (seriously people, we're keeping it classy).

Again for sake of putting incriminating* pictures on the Internet (and friendships) -- these don't even begin to show how much fun we had. Such a blast. I love great times with great friends. :)

*what goes on the internet, stays on the internet. for-ev-er.

Dinner Saturday night dinner was laughable. We went to bed early and headed back to SF Sunday morning. Such a great time in wine country!!

Since it was our friends' first time in the city we spent the weekend doing touristy things (which is all still very new to me)! They had never had In & Out-- so we went there for lunch. (We had plans to head to Sausalito but cancelled reservations since we were all a little sluggish). And ventured down to Fisherman's Wharf and back over to Ghirardelli Square. 

Some friends had a BBQ and it was nice to just chill for a little. It was a very long weekend and some down time felt great. We had dinner plans at don pestos ($3 sangria's-amazing) and tried venturing out for a little afterwards and ended up back home because everything was closed on Sunday evening! 

Monday morning was spent at brunch. It's safe to speak for the group-- I don't think bottomless mimosa's were anyone's idea of fun. 

We played tourist and visited the 'painted ladies'-- the visit wasn't complete without playing the full house intro song (oh yes I did)!

Over to the Palace of Fine Arts & Crissy Field rounded out our tourist day of SF. 

Such an amazing Labor day weekend. I absolutely love having friends in town and I am excited for their next visit!! :) Glad we pulled off the last of the 'epic' birthdays! :)

Holy pictures, right? I promise-- and I delivered. I seriously went through over 700 pictures and this may be my longest blog post -ever. 

I can't wait to see what's in store for my 30th (2 years to plan -winkwink...)

oxx & boxed wine.


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Wow, what a fun and amazing weekend! You are seriously adorable!

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That looked like so much fun!!

Your blog is too cute<3

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WOW! What an awesome surprise. Loved looking at your pictures. sounds like a great trip.