Tuesday, September 27, 2011

small spaces

I'd love to show actual pictures of our apartment but there is stuff every.where.
Seriously, you don't realize how much stuff you have until you live in a 1 bedroom apartment.

We've moved from a 3 bedroom house-- to a 2 bedroom apartment-- now a 1 bedroom apartment. Our spaces keep getting smaller (yet our rent gets bigger--ugh!)

I am forced to be smart with space and have filled up drawers. Oh and you should see how I've utilized the kitchen cabinets-- efficient! (Carrie Bradshaw would be proud)

Since I can't I'm too embarrassed to show you the piles of clothes, stacks of plastic containers (that I have to part with-- no room) and odds and ends that have yet to find a home... I'll share with you some tidbits of what I have done!!
love our plantation shutters + new side table (can't wait to put an over-sized comfy chair and ottoman here-- great spot for cuddles and reading!)

eclectic mix of bathroom accessories + a vase with seashells from our Costa Rica vaca 

new wine glasses and cocktail area-- can't wait to entertain!! 

kitchen jars -- everyday favs (brown sugar & sugar, pasta noodles, rice and waiting for popcorn kernels)

There ya have it friends. Just a sneak peak of what's going on here in our apartment. I need to get over my OCD-stat!

And just because she's too stinkin' cute ;)

Tonight James is taking me to my first Giants game!! Super excited for some beer + hotdogs! Yaaaay!

oxx & ballpark junk food
ashley ;)

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