Thursday, October 20, 2011


Experienced my FIRST earthquake here in San Francisco.

Location37.856°N, 122.253°W
Depth8.2 km (5.1 miles)

I was in the OR at the hospital and all of sudden everything shook (duh). My initial reaction wasn't-- "oh an earthquake-no biggie". (like everyone around me- they just continued on) Honestly? I thought a helicopter landed on the roof (or maybe a bomb went off)--seriously. But then I remember squealed (in front of the surgeon and operating staff) "eeek-- that was my first earthquake!!!" I may have lost a taaad bit of the doctor's respect- pretty sure she thought I was maybe 22 when I met her and my sorority girl squeal may have been her icing (oops).

Like I said-- no big deal. Hospital staff came around to the rooms, made sure nothing fell, no one got hurt and surgery went on as if nothing happened.

Of course for me, this was a big deal--my first SF earthquake!

Tomorrow is Friday and I couldn't be more delighted. Celebrating a friend's birthday and I fully plan on celebrating- which means I'll have 3 drinks #partyanimal

I get to go for an extra long run with James around the city to continuing training for our 1/2 & full marathon. We're also venturing to a friend's pool for some sunshine and bbq'ing. You tell me which I'm more excited for. ;)

Big weekend plans my friends?

oxx & thankgodtomorrowisfriday
ashley ;)


Young and Fabulous said...

eeeeeeeee glad u are okay !!

i think i would have ran under a table and just cried my eyes out

wait...why were u in the OR!?!?!? was it for work-related things?! eee text me and tell me now i am worried!


Holly said...

Ahhhh! I hate earthquakes! I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, and that's been pretty much earthquake central in the last year and a half. Not cool at all. :/