Monday, October 17, 2011

I try

I seriously try* to be a good blogger.

I write posts, save them--- then don't publish them.. Oops

For whatever reason something else comes up. I get side tracked. I don't like what I said (or how it came off).  I get annoyed having to watermark (really why do people have to be creepers) my pictures. Aaaand maybe a few other excuses. Uuugggh.


There is sososooo much I want to share.

Our apartment has come a very. long. way. We are down to two (wooo two!) bins in the living room. James and I have spent weekends looking at chairs (HE is being picky) and haven't actually decided on one (too soft, too hard, too expensive, too ugly, too long of a wait to get it, too anyexcusenottobuyone) I may have to do this one my own and he'll have to live with it. :)

All the fun weekends (and gorgeous weather) we have been having here in San Francisco. Our Friday night out on a boat to Sausalito. Dinners with the girls. Dinner parties. Football weekends.

And maybe some old things-- Costa Rica (eh, ya back in February) and our drive out to San Francisco from DC (we're road warriors). 

Some other things I want to share-- Updates about marathon training (or lack thereof, oops I will be hating myself come Dec, eeek!). Planning our apartment warming party and sharing my ideas. The of planning my ten year high school reunion (dread paying for a plane ticket from SF>>CLE/PIT).

So you can see-- I really have no excuse to not be blogging.. Eehhh.. so sorry! :)
Please bear with me my lovelies.

ashley ;)

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Young and Fabulous said...

wooo for 2 bins!! hahah i can share this excitement with you because when kurt an i moved in together, it took us fooorever to unpack haha (there is still 2 bins that kurt has full of his CRAP!)

i wanna hear about costa rica! im jealous of you...i bet it was beeeautiful!

oh and can i come to the housewarming party? I'll bring a love fern...or a jello mold....or just jello shots ;-)