Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Yesterday- we got James a bicycle (sounds much fancier than bike) so we can get to and from work. Now of course- I want one too!! :)
first trip to work on his new bicycle
(we'll be making a 2nd trip this weekend to get me one- yay!)
Can you imagine all the fun bicycle trips around the city? (mainly on the very leveled, non-hilly parts of SF) 
I haven't road a bicycle in years and it brought back so many fun childhood memories (yes-- I was cruising/whipping around the aisles of the store) I used to love riding my bike around the neighborhood. Maybe even rock some handlebar pompoms?? (remember those? looved)

Here's two that I'm looking at (by looking I mean I looked one place, thank you Target). I do know I want a hybrid-- good for riding around the 'hood (yo) and if we want to go on a bike trail I won't have to worry. And if you live in SF we can start a bicycle gang. hahaha

Also getting Lola a bicycle basket is a must. 
visual-- how cute?

Uh-- now a helmet? This is the real concern. It has to be cute and safe, but mostly cute. 

Any bicycle readers? Suggestions? Helmet recommendations? Share, please! :)

oxx & helmet hair

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Young and Fabulous said...

I want a new bike!

OH we need to chat workouts. I am thinking of signing up for a bike ride...25 miles. Is that WACKY??? the longest ive ridden a bike is maybe 6 miles. will i be hating life the next day?

i love the basket for lola. that is most deff a must!!