Thursday, October 6, 2011

movie mixup

Tonight James and I decided we wanted to venture out to the movies to see Moneyball.

Back in July when we purchased our TV, Costco was running a special on movie tickets ($11 for 2 tickets- pretty swell deal right? Yeah we thought  so too) and we bought two!

It was a gorgeous evening (love warm nights!) and we walked to the theater (I actually questioned "walk or drive?" --[um. it was a 6 minute walk-hahaha] gotta get used to city life). We handed over our movie passes and got two tickets to the 7:20 showing of Moneyball. Of course I can't go to the movies without popcorn. We wondered around the theater and confirmed that we were in theater #3 (the digital screen above the door said Moneyball 5:50) Yep- confirmed, you guys are in theater #3 (it also said 3 on our tickets) We walk in and apparently missed the previews and the first 5 minutes (or so we thought) of the film. I normally never talk in movies but found I kept asking James to 'fill me in' on what the story was. I thought maybe it was just an awful movie. Uh where was the back story?

Black screen-- words typed across (you know, continuing the story line)...
Wait it's been 40 minutes? Why is our movie over? Yep- we just watched the ending* of Moneyball. The 5:50 showing.

We took a closer look at our tickets (who ever actually looks* at their tickets? Seriously, I know you guys don't either) We were sold tickets to the 11:30a showing. Def said theater 3. Yeeeah.

Needless to say the manager was super friendly and refunded us movie passes.  Plus she refunded us our concession stand purchase (double score). Funny but frustrating!


This weekend is Fleet Week and the Blue Angels fly over the city (it's been pretty sweet to see and hear them practice today). Reeeeeeaally excited to see this! Apparently it's a big deal in SF and there are tons of events going on to celebrate! (kinda reminds me of that episode of Sex & the City - Anchors Away!) 

Tomorrow night we are hoping on a boat for a friend's birthday and sailing over to Sausalito and spending what hopefully will be a very warm, sunny day on the water. (promises to take loads of pictures- I'm sure there'll be some a-maz-ing views)!

Any big weekend plans???

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Megan said...

fleet week sounds like a blast! no big weekend plans here, just relax and attempt to save what little money i have :) hope u have a great weekend girl!

Young and Fabulous said...

mmmm fleet week. If I wasnt in a relationship I'd fly my butt to you right now and salute every hot man I see. hahha kiiiddding...but really..they are HOT.

I like that you mentioned SATC because as soon as u said fleet week i thought of that show

ok so your movie mixup was hilarious...and yes id be so annoyed! So are you going to go and see the movie even after seeing the end? haha id be so confused!

a fellow movie theater asking questions talker


Megan said...

Oh my gosh, how terrible! Haha. I can't believe that. I would have been SO SO confused, too!! At least y'all got a refund!

Kinsey Michaels said...

hahahaha oh no! that's awful about your move experience! at least you got your money back, but i can't blame you if you opt to just go see something else!
your weekend plans sound fun, sausalito is gorgeous & i hear fleet week is fun!

Nelson Souzza said...

Flying all the way just to see you and say hello...and wish you all the best for this new week. Great post! Visit me too. Good night, wonderful dreams…