Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Maxi Dresses! 
I absolutely love wearing dresses. Maxi's are so comfortable and versatile. I have been wearing one almost everyday! Dressing them up during the work week with heels and a blazer. And over the weekends with a scarf, jean jacket (yes jean jacket--so glad I didn't toss it!) and sandals. And now I am on the hunt for some maxi skirts!

Rain & rain boots

Eek! Yes I am admitting that. We get mist here in San Fran most mornings- but the last 3 days we've had actually rain. Which means-- I get to wear my Hunter boots! (and splash without worrying about getting my toes wet!)

November/Thanksgiving being right around the corner!

James and I are heading back to Ohio for Thanksgiving! Excited to spend time with our families and visit with friends. (we better get on booking those plane tickets!)

It is also the weekend of the Michigan/Ohio State game (which is probably the biggest college football rivalry) . This year the game is at the Big House!

And I have my ten year high school reunion (typing ten seems like harsh that seeing the number-ha!) I graduated from a very small high school and I am still really good friends with the girls I grew up with. But it'll be fun catching up and seeing what everyone else is up to. (plus seeing what we've planned will be exciting too!)

What are you pretties loving this Wednesday?? 


ps. I won't have a recipe post this week! boooo :( I get caught up cooking and forgot to take pictures. But it turned out super delicious!!! nomnomnom


Young and Fabulous said...

ok I'm 5'6. Am I tall enough to wear a maxi? i dont want to feel like a frumpy von dutch. Aka i dont want them to look STOOOPID

I want hunter boots!

im going to my high school reuion in 2 weeks. I am both dreading it and excited for it. Mainly because I already know everything about everyones lives via facebook hahah!

So I meant to tell you something the other day (now I forget what it is haha) so lets be text buddies. That way I can text you all day long with silly photos and videos of my majestic life. And you can send me pics of Lil Lo !

this wednesday I am loving the GIGANTIC cookie that I had today from Dunkin Donuts---who knew DD made cookies? not this girl


BeckyJo606 said...

Yay for getting to wear your Hunter boots! That's a reason to love a rainy day! Have a great Wednesday! :)

Miss Lindsay said...

I am soooo mad I got rid of a few jean jackets year ago. Whyyyy!!
10 year will be fun!!

Laura J said...

I wear my hunter boots whenever there is the slightest forecast of rain- which has been a lot recently in DC. Hope you are enjoying San Fran! If I ever moved from DC that would be my first choice. Best of luck!!

olivia.beso said...

Love the red maxi dress! And also SO excited for Thanksgiving! Thank you for entering the Beso Win an Iconic Trench Giveaway! Good luck – xoxo.