Tuesday, October 4, 2011

random babble

Hi pretties- Happy Tuesday!

This past weekend was spent watching lots and lots of football. Usually James ventures back east for the Wolverine's game but he was stuck here this weekend with me! :)

Sunday (after a morning filled with more football) we went to the Bluegrass Festival. I'd be putting it lightly if I said it gave me a whole new/different perspective of San Francisco (and people). Imagine the 60's-- wouldn't of survived-- Holy.Culture.Shock. 

We basically only stayed for as long as it took to walk into the mass and walk out of the masses. Yeah--moving along....

Our apartment is finally coming together! Yaaay!! We are having a friend over tonight for some turkey chili. The weather has been a little rainy and I'm looking forward to 'fall foods'. Everyone loves the clothes (obvi I do too) but I love the comfort food of fall. Yum! (maybe I'll even do a little food post later in the week!)

Speaking of apartments-- we are on the hunt for an over-sized chair! (so far- no luck!) There's a little area in the living room in front of the plantation shutters I want to put a chair for reading and extra space for people to sit when we entertain! 

Some pretty roses arrived for me last week too! James sent them with an oh-so sweet card! I love pretty surprises!

Oh and I'm sadly addicted to some puzzles on my iPhone. OpenValve & CrossFingers. 
And yay tomorrow is Wednesday! 

ashley ;)


Connie said...

That first chair looks soooo comfortable!

Young and Fabulous said...


nothing says fall like football and chili!

i think the first chair is the best...it will fit my lil body perfectly when I come sleep over

loving the roses! we need to chat vlog-bizzness lady!