Wednesday, November 2, 2011

food baby

Can't believe it's already Wednesday-- not that I'm complaining..

San Francisco's weather has been amazing! High in the 70's and I'm trying to enjoy every bit of it before fall comes and brings it's chill.

Hopefully the weather will hold up through Friday because I have a date with food. Food trucks to be more specific. James and I are venturing to 'Off the Grid' to eat some yummy food, have some drinks and listen to live music with friends. Food Network has made me very delighted to stuff my face with food truck food. I mean com'on 30 different trucks-- foodie heaven.

Wednesday have become a ritual of sorts for dinner with the girls! :) We've gone to some delicious restaurants thus far-- Basil Canteen, Zare, Pizzeria Delfina. Tonight we are heading to Starbelly-- and the food sounds/looks amazing ! Yumyumyum

All my food loves are making me sound like a fat girl. I should probably mention that my first 1/2 marathon is only 32 days away!! I'd be lying if I say I wasn't a tad bit nervous but I'm confident that I'll complete it without stopping but also beat my goal time (how's that for a challenge?) Oh-- plus running down the LV strip (at night!) will be pretty awesome-- don't chat think?

Saturday is our first official-- 'having people over' (more than 1 person at a time). We are having some friends over for the Michigan game and I'm thrilled to cook up some food and entertain our friends! On the menu: homemade wings, pepperoni rolls, veggie tray with roasted dip & whatever else I am mouth-watering over while grocery shopping Saturday morning. (Funny enough as I am typing this part of my blog post--I burnt boiling water/milk--  Uh oops! I swear I can cook)

oxx & food babies


Kit said...

Have fun!

Lisa said...

Food truck sounds so fun! Happy Wednesday!

Winda Tiodang said...

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Natalie and Lee said...

Enjoying your blog! Sounds like fun:)

Holly said...

Ok, so reading this blog has made me ridiculously hungry. I think it may actually be lunch time, lol. :P

Good luck with your half marathon! I...feel drained just thinking about running that huge distance!