Thursday, November 10, 2011

Letters to Santa

Twinkly lights. Christmas carols. Toasty Fireplaces & cozy blankets. Hot cocoa. Christmas trees. Stockings.

Eek-- I could go on and on...  I just love Christmas! :)

Like everyone else- I get tons (seriously a ton) of emails from retailers telling me about sales and specials-- which I love, obviously! But I wanted to share an email that I found pretty endearing from Macy's.

If you write a letter to Santa and drop it off at Macy's they'll donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. What a great way to give back simply by writing a letter to Santa!

The website is super interactive - for those of you with technology-aged kiddos. You can even write your letter online, print it and drop it into Santa's letterbox at Macy's!

[Oh and it must be a stamped letter address to Santa at the North Pole]
So easy, so cute and a great way to give back!! Plus you're never too old to believe! :)

'tis the season...

oxx & candycanes


Young and Fabulous said...

SOOOOO with you. i effing love christmas!!!

im going to do this santa letter thing...i saw that in a email i got and just LOVED it!

i still believe in santa ;-)


Young and Fabulous said...

PS! i need your address...i wont stalk you...but i might visit you

but really i need it to send you a christmas surprise!


Shannon said...

What a sweet idea. I really do love this.