Wednesday, January 4, 2012


traveling back a little to christmas eve & christmas morning! james and I spent our holiday here in san francisco creating some of our own christmas traditions!!

christmas eve: 
1. christmas morning on the beach
2. me and lola bear
3. gorgeous picnic spot view (scary drop down)
4. puppy wanting some of our strawberries

1. butterfly - for christmas eve dinner
2. clean up nicely after a morning hike

1. christmas even presents
2. me & my new camera -- present from my future 'in-laws', james' parents
3. lola wondering where her's are?

christmas day:
1. christmas hats on & ready for stockings & present opening
2. james' stocking
3. lola opening her presents
4. me and my stocking

1. james helping out in the kitchen 
2. dinner is ready!
3. christmas dinner- table set for 2
4. yummy coffee cocktails + whipped cream

and that's our christmas! :) I had such a wonderful christmas eve & christmas day! it was exciting to have 60 degree weather verse snow (yuck) and spend the holiday at the beach with my two loves!
hope you all had a wonderful holiday season (I know I'm a little backwards--but better late than never, right?)



Young and Fabulous said...

YAY welcome to the Digital SLR FAMILY!!!!!!! awesome gift!!!

lil lo is so freakin cute in all of these pics

and so are you and james!

yay for christmas traditions! i love and miss you!! inform me of YO LIFE lady!


Lauren said...

Love the cute PJs you're rocking and the new camera!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

when can i come visit?!?! this fall? i'm serious! let's plan it!!